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Elite Academy
What is the Elite Academy?
What are “traits”?
How do I send my player to the Elite Academy?
What are the components of the Elite Academy?
What are the different Batting traits?
What are the different Bowling traits?
When is a player eligible to train at the Elite Academy?
How many players can I send to the Elite Academy at a time?
What will be the duration of the training at the Elite Academy?
Will my player be available for selection while he trains at the Elite Academy?
No. Your player will not be available for any match your team plays during his training at Elite Academy.
How many traits can I select per tier for the same player?
Can I train a player for bowling and batting traits at the same time?
Will the player be available for regular training while he is at the Elite Academy?
Can I train a player while participating in U20 cup?
What are the maximum number of traits I can unlock for one player?