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Elite Academy
What is the Elite Academy?
What are “traits”?
How do I send my player to the Elite Academy?
What are the components of the Elite Academy?
The Elite Academy consists of 2 basic components viz. Batting and Bowling. Each of these components has been divided into 3 Tiers. The tiers have specific traits within them to choose from and the traits have individual levels which the managers can unlock. Tier I will be the first available tier for managers to choose a basic trait. From the next trait unlock, the manager can choose to level up the same trait in Tier I or move over to Tier II and then subsequently Tier III for an more specific trait unlock.
What are the different Batting traits?
What are the different Bowling traits?
When is a player eligible to train at the Elite Academy?
How many players can I send to the Elite Academy at a time?
What will be the duration of the training at the Elite Academy?
Will my player be available for selection while he trains at the Elite Academy?
How many traits can I select per tier for the same player?
Can I train a player for bowling and batting traits at the same time?
Will the player be available for regular training while he is at the Elite Academy?
Can I train a player while participating in U20 cup?
What are the maximum number of traits I can unlock for one player?