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Division 8 - Training
What are the benefits of training and how should I maximize them?
How does Training work?
What are the different types of training?
How many players can I train?
What is the Preparation Bar? How can I improve my preparation level?
As the name suggests, the Preparation Bar denotes how "prepared" your team is for it's upcoming league match. Your Preparation level depends on how full your Bar is, and will affect the outcome of your league match, the possible levels being 'Horrible', 'Poor', 'Decent' and 'Superb'. It can be filled up by performing activities that contribute to improving your team. These activities include Selecting your Playing XI, training your players before every league match and winning 3 F5 games. It freezes an hour before every league match - no actions you take from then on will contribute to filling it up any further - and resets at the end of every league match. As such you have the duration between two consecutive league matches to fill this bar up. Try and maintain a Preparation Level of 'Superb' before every league match - while this does not assure you the win, in the long run it will definitely have a profound effect on your league standing..
What happens to training once I'm promoted to Division 7 and above?