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Division 8 - Training
What are the benefits of training and how should I maximize them?
How does Training work?
What are the different types of training?
You can train players for batting, bowling and fitness.

In batting training, you can choose to train a player for :
- Batting - player is given balanced training for both “batting seam” and “batting spin” skills
- Batting Seam - Player is given more training for “batting seam” skill as compared to “batting spin” skill
- Batting Spin -Player is given more training for “batting spin” skill as compared to “batting seam” skill

In bowling training, you can choose to train your player for :
- Bowling Seam - Focused training only for seam bowlers
- Bowling Spin - Focused training only for spin bowlers

Other Training types are unlocked once you get promoted to Division 7.
How many players can I train?
What is the Preparation Bar? How can I improve my preparation level?
What happens to training once I'm promoted to Division 7 and above?