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The League
What is League Structure?
- The Hitwicket universe is made up of tiers called 'Divisions'
- Each Division consists of one or several 'Leagues'
- The number of Leagues in a Division is dependent on the level of the division. Each Division has 4 times the number of leagues as the division above it. Top Division has only 1 league, so 2nd Div has 1x4 = 4 leagues, 3rd Div = 16 leagues, and so on
- Each League consists of 10 teams.
- Only managers with reputation level of 'Reliable' or above are part of a division and a league.
- If your team belongs to a league called 'III.6', it means that you are in the 3rd Division League no: 6
- Every season, the bottom 4 teams of a league are relegated to the division below, while the winner of the league is promoted to the division above
- The ultimate goal of your team is to win the League of top division (Division I) a.k.a. 'The Hitwicket Premier'
What prize do I get when I win the League?
How can I switch my League?
When do I play League matches?
I have joined a league, what do I do now?
How much Sponsor Income do I get every week?