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What are achievements?
How do Achievements open for me?
At a time 3 achievements open up for everyone of level 1. As you do one of those 3, next one randomly will open up for level 1. Once, you have completed all but 2 achievements of Level 1, a Level 2 achievement will open for you and so on. Achievements opening will not depend on MRP level.

What if I already have more than 3 open (ongoing) achievements?
If you have more than 3 achievements open for you already, then you will have those open upto those levels. Once, you complete those ongoing achievement levels, you will follow the new system.

What if I am a newbie and have only newbie achievements right now?
Depending upon your counters in currently on going newbie achievements, you will either have newbie achievements first and then other achievements OR you will follow the new system already with bigger achievements level 1 opening up for you before you complete level 2 and 3 of the newbie achievements.

What if I have both newbie and higher achievements?
You will have the new system with level 1 for all achievements and then moving on to level 2.
What all Achievements do we have currently?
What do I earn from completing Achievements?
What type of matches are counted for achievements?
Where can I check my current achievements’ status?
How long does it take for the match result to reflect the change in Achievements?
How to make someone a 'Bunny'?