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What are achievements?
How do Achievements open for me?
What all Achievements do we have currently?
You can complete the following achievements at 3 levels. Each achievement opens one by one for a single level. On completing all level 1, level 2 open one by one. At a time you have 3 achievement levels opened.

Master Blaster – Score as many total runs to achieve the Master Blaster title

Howzat – Take as many wickets to unlock the Howzat achievement

Transfer Tycoon – Buy players to become the Transfer Tycoon of Hitwicket

Juggernaut – Have a dominating winning streak to achieve the Juggernaut
Instant matches, Revenge matches and Alliance Defence Series Matches do not affect this achievement.

Gang up – Invite friends to get rewarded for Gang Up achievement
Trickster – Make your bowlers get Hat-tricks to complete various levels of Trickster

Iron Man – Endorse MRP or gift Musketeer subscriptions to be the ‘Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist’ of Hitwicket
The invitees must register from a new device and complete the tutorial. They must also have the Hitwicket account connected to their Facebook account!

Power Puff – Thrash your opponents in Power Plays to complete the Power Puff achievement

Avenger – Win revenge matches to unlock Avenger achievements

Road Runner - Number of singles scored by your batsmen

Puppet Master - Number of unique bunnies you have ever had

Deadbolt - Number of dot balls bowled by your bowlers

Mavericks - The number of batsmen who hit at least one 6 in an innings

Triple Shot - Bowler takes 3 wickets or more in an over

Super Snatcher - No. of runs saved in match due to good fielding.

The Guardian - Stumpings (2 points) & Catches (1 point) effected by the Wicketkeeper

The Deadly Disruptor -No. of balls faced by a L-R combo at the crease. +1 for each set of 20 balls faced.

Duck Hunter -Number of batsmen your bowlers have dismissed for a duck.

Levels and rewards of achievements are subject to change if and when required.

What do I earn from completing Achievements?
What type of matches are counted for achievements?
Where can I check my current achievements’ status?
How long does it take for the match result to reflect the change in Achievements?
How to make someone a 'Bunny'?