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How to earn MRP?
You can earn MRP by the following ways:

Invites : As the 'mentor', you will get points when your invitee is promoted to the next manager level

Social Connect : Link your Facebook and Twitter account to Hitwicket

Twitter Sharing : You will get points if you share your Team or Player or Match through your twitter account

Youth Recruitment : Recruit a Young player with youth scout every week and win points

Transfers : Buy players from the Transfer Market to win win points

Player Improvement : Train your players and get points every time they increase in skill level (except Fitness and Fielding). You get points based on the skill they achieve after training.

Match Wins : That's as obvious as it gets! Win matches, win points!

Stadium Upgrade : Increase the seating capacity of your stadium to win points

Frequent Visitor : Log on to Hitwicket for 15 days in a row and earn points for it

Game Manual : Vote about the usefulness of the game manual information and get points for it

Predictions : Predict the fantasy poll results correctly and win MRP for your prediction!

Elections : Vote for your head coach in IC/WC and win points for your vote

Alliance : Create an alliance with fellow managers and win points for your initiative

Achievements : Complete achievements to gain MRP

F5 matches : Finish in the top 3 in the F5 weekly leaderboard to win points