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World Cup
What is World Cup?
What is Cheer Count & how does it affect the scout availability?
During this edition of the Hitwicket World Cup, all regions can have their fans & friends cheering for them during LIVE matches.
There will be a cheer button available for each team on the LIVE match page. You can press "Cheer" and record your cheer for your favorite region. This cheer count will be displayed on the "Region Team Page" after every match. After completion of the 2 match days of the week, the cheer counter will be reset.
Top 3 teams with highest cheer count after the 2 weekly match days will be given a special reward. The youth scout for the following week will ONLY come from these top 3 cheered regions. The distribution of the scouts will be 50% - 30% - 20% for the top 3 regions respectively.
How many times can I cheer for my region?
Who can cheer for my region?
Why can't I get a scout from my preferred region during the World Cup?