Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket
What happens during the week?
When is the Season break?
What happens during the Season break?
Div 1 to 7

- Promotion & Demotion, Prize money distribution, Team name change, League Switch, Pitch Relay (You can relay the pitch even if you are in negative balance)

- Play friendly matches for free and gain experience in the process

- If you want to change your Team name, switch league or relay the pitch, the request must be sent before 13:59 on Thursday
- New season fixtures will be announced at 18:00

- Weekly Player Form update

- First match of the next season!

Apart from the above schedule, teams from Div VII - II can switch leagues using Hitcoins. Go to any league and there will be a 'switch' link next to the BOT teams (if any). Click on it to swap positions with the BOT.