Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket
Game Rules
Rules to be followed in our game?
  • Teams are removed from league and put in cold storage if they do not login to their account for 4 weeks.
  • Creating multiple teams is strictly NOT allowed.
  • Asking your friends to bid on your players for an inflated price is  NOT  allowed.
  • If we find that there are teams whose sole purpose seems to be to help you succeed (via bids or MRPs), then we will view such cases as 'Cheating' too.
  • Fines in excess of 1 Million or outright ban on a team is enforced in case of violation of the rules on a case-by-case basis.
  • Logging in to your friend's account is also not permitted as this could trigger our automated banning system which we cannot revert.
  • Points for 'likes' are awarded to encourage quality content in the forum. Please do not create posts asking for 'likes'. Such posts will be viewed as spam and points will be deducted in such cases.
  • Standard public forum ground rules like use of abusive language directed at a fellow user or opening multiple threads over the same topic and other kinds of spam will not be tolerated. Please keep the environment friendly for all.