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U20 Cup
What is U20 cup?
Who can participate in the U20 Cup?
Can I sell/fire a player from my team who is participating in U20 cup?
What do I earn by participating in U20 cup?
- The Hitwicket Council will pay both teams a fixed fee of 200,000/- per match as sponsorship
- Manager Reputation Points: 20 points per match win; 200 pts for semifinalists; 500 pts for Runner-up and 1000 points for the winner.
- Win 250,000/- prize for each match win
- Players gain experience with every match they play, captain receives 30% boost in exp gain as well
- There will be NO ticket sales for the match (crowd will have free entry, just like friendlies)
- U20 matches don't affect Training or Fitness
Can I send a U20 registered player to the Elite Academy?
What happens in the Knockout rounds?
What is the prize money for the winners of the cup?
What is the registration fee for the U20 cup?
What are the important dates for this edition of U20 cup?
What are the important dates for next edition of U20 cup?