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Player Auction
What is Player Auction and how does it work?
What is the Transfer Review Commission (TRC) & what is it's role?
My money is pending with the TRC, how much will I get back?
I didn’t cheat, why did the TRC withhold my money?
Inflated bidding by friend?
How do I bid on a player in a Player Auction?
Can I reverse a bid in the auction?
How does Autobid work?
1. Musketeer users can use the feature to autobid on a player as soon as it is raised by someone else. They can choose to keep the autobid all time or only in the last 5 mins of the transfer deadline.
2. The user must have 3% Finance more than the autobid he wants to apply. Means, if you want to put an autobid of 10,000,000 then you must have 10,300,000 in your Finance.
3. If two people put autobid on the same player, then instead of showing raises by each user bid by bid, directly the raised amount over the lower autobid is shown.
Means, user A has autobid of 10m and user B has 11m, then it will directly show 10.3m bid by user B.
4. Whenever a user applies an autobid, the amount is kept reserved for that purpose and if the user now makes a manual bid on the same player, it requires additional amount.
How much should I bid?
I didn't receive the full amount withheld by TRC. Why?
Can I ask my friend to bid?
The Player I bought didn’t join my team yet, what should I do?
What are Agent fee and Early Transfer Fee?
What is Autobid?
Why din't I get my money for my player?
Can I sell a player in less than 3 days?
Can I remove a player from sale or change the asking price?