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Player Auction
What is Player Auction and how does it work?
What is the Transfer Review Commission (TRC) & what is it's role?
My money is pending with the TRC, how much will I get back?
I didn’t cheat, why did the TRC withhold my money?
Inflated bidding by friend?
How do I bid on a player in a Player Auction?
Can I reverse a bid in the auction?
How does Autobid work?
How much should I bid?
I didn't receive the full amount withheld by TRC. Why?
Can I ask my friend to bid?
The Player I bought didn’t join my team yet, what should I do?
What are Agent fee and Early Transfer Fee?
What is Autobid?
Why din't I get my money for my player?
If a player is sold for a price much higher than is recommended price then the transfer is reviewed by the 'Transfer Review Commission'.
A certain part of the fee is released to the selling team immediately (1.5 times the Recommended price), but the rest of the money may be fully or partly withheld. The amount released is based on the selling price of similar players. The Buying team does not get any money back. This way the TRC reduces the imbalance that may be caused due to a rash bid by a team.
Can I sell a player in less than 3 days?
Can I remove a player from sale or change the asking price?