One Year Completed In HITWICKET!!!

OMG... Today I have completed 1 year of my journey in Hitwicket Game... Wow!!!


During this one year my journey in HW I thoroughly enjoy the game with every aspect although I did lot's of mistakes earlier but by passage of time I'm trying not to repeat these mistakes again and again :) Also as Manager of My Club I make some targets for me this year and will try to achieve them by next 6 months J ????


The most important part of this game is that it has given me lots of friends within my country Pakistan, in my city as well as in my neighbourhood :) even it's give me friends across the border :) 


I would like to thanks few friends who is helping me during this one year journey my Alliance mates (Dinesh, Siddhanta, Yuvi, Ankit, Debo, Manpreet, Mani, Arun, Addy and Arjun) with them I have participated unofficial tournaments and I learned them games tactics. :)  :P


Also I have to thanks following friend's specially Omar Mughal, Abdullah Ashraf, Abdul Haq, Sami Din, Rehan Ansari, Nadeem Khan, Naveen Kumar, Danyal Yousuf, Asad Nadeem and few others... 


Last but not least will keep continue to playing this fantastic Game Hitwicket and keep journey on for the next level... 


Thank you all and Happy Hitwicketing :)

Kamran Dhedhi  / Manager of Dhedhi XI 

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Omar Mughal (Mughal Dynasty)
Welcome Dear! Best of Luck for Future!
37 months ago