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35yrs 23days
Skill Index
Fielding Brilliant
Wicket-keeping Remarkable
Batting vs seam bowlers Masterful
Batting vs spin bowlers Masterful
Bowling main Nil
Bowling variation Nil

Legendary Performances

Hall Of Fame - los blancos

When we were revamping our batting unit we found keeping was always a weak point for us as most of the keepers were only having high skill in keeping. So we decided we need a keeper who is strong in batting, even if such player is rare we wanted to train such player. While Hunting We found a perfect choice in JOHN CLARKE an Australian. We explained him about our plans with him and convinced him to represent our team and Bought him in Auction and he proved his worth. He was a born power hitter and superb fielder. He was With Team from Season 14 to 30 for 17 seasons. He Played Second Highest matched for our team 315.In 2 seasons he scored more than 1000 runs and more than 500 in 6 seasons.He used to down the Order hence batted only 234 innings in which he scored 7714 runs and achieved all his records . Following are his records for the team Second Highest Centuries 25, Most Catches & Stumping 197 & 123. Third Highest runs for Team 7714. 20 MOM. Third Fastest Century in 37 balls & Second & Third fastest 50 in 14 & 15 balls for the team. Given his outstanding talent, From Now He will be serving as the adviser for the team in fielding & Keeping and as a mentor. We are very Proudly inducting him as the 5th Player in the Hall of Fame. He is the First non Indian to be inducted in our HOF