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33yrs 17days
Skill Index
Fielding Brilliant
Wicket-keeping Negligible
Batting vs seam bowlers Legendary
Batting vs spin bowlers Legendary
Bowling main Moderate
Bowling variation Negligible

Legendary Performances

Hall Of Fame - Stoffels Giants

It is a sad day for Stoffels Giants as we are about to say goodbye to one of the most special players to have played here. He did not just make his mark immediately in the team, but also in everyone's hearts. He was feared and loved by many. The guard of honour in his last match was an excellent example of the impact he had on the game and to many people. I am sure there are a lot of youngsters that have admired and were inspired by Salman. It is not often that someone scores more centuries than half-centuries, but that is another way of Salman Nadeem showing how great he was. He ends his career with 12738 runs, 91 NO, 87.85 Average, 182.02 SR, HS of 191*, 57 100's and 48 50's. He passed 140 on 13 occasions. He hit 1064 4's and 573 6's. He took 100 catches. Out of his 236 innings, he was MoM 67 times. In 6 seasons, he scored 1000 runs. Salman Nadeem was the leading run-scorer on 4 occasions. Season 31: 1673 Runs, 9 NO, 185.89 Average, 231.72 SR, HS of 191*, 8 100's and 7 50's, 156 4's and 92 6's. MoM 12 times. Season 33: 1134 Runs, 8 NO, 113.40 Average, 191.88 SR, HS of 146*, 5 100's and 5 50's, 91 4's and 54 6's. MoM 6 times. Season 34: 1730 Runs, 13 NO, 346.00 Average, 221.23 SR, HS of 175*, 10 100's and 3 50's, 157 4's and 89 6's. MoM 8 times. Passing 150 on 4 occasions. Season 38: 1115 Runs, 9 NO, 123.89 Average, 152.11 SR, HS of 133*, 5 100's and 5 50's, 89 4's and 34 6's. MoM 5 times. These records show how much of a dominant batsman he was in the game. I thank him for his contribution to Stoffels Giants and his presence will be missed.