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Whats Next???

by yatzi 97 months ago
Hey People,

I am new to this game.. Last season was my first season..Do help me nd tell what would be coming up now...


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Sagar Sinha Patna # 1
After some days you will see that a new league will be provided in your team.

97 months ago
new season
u can switch to any league u want but cant change the division u are in :) have fun :) :)
97 months ago
vvnraman (Los Pollos Hermanos) New York # 3
Right now you are in the season break. During this break you can challenge any team to a friendly match on Wednesday (Dec 26th) to test your strategies. This match is different from the regular friendly matches (on Fridays, available only to Reliable managers) in the sense that you get Training for your players.

During the last season break you could switch leagues depending upon your choice by swapping out any bot team in that league. I don't know how that would work in this season as most of the teams are user teams now.

You could also change your team name and/or change the pitch type on your home stadium, but those options don't seem to be available as yet. I think the devs needs to flip a switch somewhere in the system to enable this.
97 months ago
yatzi Mumbai # 4
Thnks all..
97 months ago

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