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Thanks to Aditya Kumar for  Initiating such a wonderful Meetup..... 
91 months ago

Hitwicket meetup across Nations to watch IND vs PAK Match..

by Aditya Kumar (BONGS) 92 months ago MeetupSuperFan
India and Pakistan remains a much-awaited contest in cricket, especially in limited-overs games where the two teams have given fans countless heart-stoppers. Its a wish of every person from India or pakistan to witness a match between them, Though it draws a lot of crowds maybe in a tea-shop Or mall, It is watched with an Immense Passion.

So, why not organise a nation wide or say world wide meetup on the auspicious day of 15th of February which is a Sunday, holiday for every office goer and college goer only an hurdle for boards exam students, Though i would request decide a place maybe a mall, a friend's place, a Hit Wicketeer's place Or a local Tea shop :P. It's not difficult to find a place to watch TV.

Maybe there won't be a lot of people coming in but maybe 2-10 like minded people watching like minded  things together, what can be better than this.

Match timing is at 9AM... If you can't make it in the 1st innings then join @12noon for 2nd innings.... but do come and cheer for India together...:D

If you are interested in attending please fill out this form:

So far 130 Registrations in 8 days, 2 more days to go......

TOP 3 Cities (as per registrations)
Kolkata- 22
Hyderabad- 17
3. Bangalore- 15

So far we have organisers from:
1. Bangalore
2. New Delhi
3. Hyderabad
4. Nagpur
5. Haryana
6. Kolkata
7. Jaipur
8. Guwahati

9. Patna
10. Ahmedabad
11. Chennai

12. Pune
13. Kanpur
14. Chattisgarh
15. Assam
16. Uttarakhand
17. Jodhpur

18. Lahore
19. Goa
20. London
21. Dhaka

We need more organisers, all the organisers will get the list & details of Participants and then they can go ahead with it.

Even a great place for HW WC Headcoach to discuss the strategies for the WC and choose Assistant Coach as you will be meeting some of the dedicated HitWicketeers at the meetup...:D


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Updated at: 10-02-2015

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VVishalBala (WeBelieveintheProcess) pondicherry # 10
Great Idea! Hope we can pull it off in a Grand way! All suggestions are Welcome! :)
92 months ago
VVishalBala (WeBelieveintheProcess) pondicherry # 92
All those who want to conduct a meetup at your city for the match. Please fill the form and also start a forum post with Hitwicket-Multi-city - "city name" as Title and mail me the link at or ping me at I will make the post sticky to help you find more users for the meetup. 
91 months ago
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R u f**king Joking ??? Is there no one from Mumbai to organize ????
91 months ago
what abt delhi??
91 months ago : Kerala Meetup 

Thanks to Aditya Kumar for  Initiating such a wonderful Meetup..... 
91 months ago
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