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Wednesday challenge match

by The Reds (HillsBorougH JF96) 97 months ago
Can Average manager be able to challenge a friendly match?

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AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 1
97 months ago
thanks ...but when...their is no notification about that...
97 months ago
Yea..its a team you want to challenge... a challenge tab will be shown just after the players and matches..
97 months ago
pls i need  help ...challenge tab is not their at all
97 months ago
i think only reliable managers have the option of challenge tab but they can challenge average managers if you have any reliable manager as friend then you can ask him for match :)
97 months ago
No an average manager and i challenged one team..
97 months ago
Hey guys the Wednesday match is a practice friendly tat happens in every season break. Any manager can play it. Teams tat play it will receive a free fitness nd fielding training. So don't miss it...just play against anyone u can invite. The regular friendlies will take place on Friday as usual nd only managers above reliable reputation can challenge for that :) 
97 months ago
Correction : The training can be given for any skill :)
97 months ago

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