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Inactive Users make the leagues boring.

by Vidhatanand (Disruptive DonKeys ) 102 months ago
Inactive users in various leagues make that league boring, 
Like if you support that the Managers completely inactive for certain period of time, say a full season, should be converted  to Bot team, and given to a new user who might be active. 
Or Something like that, the mission is to have a active league.


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Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 1
yeah if der r more no. of active userz in the league then the competetion among dem vl b great and vl b more interesting :)
102 months ago
It is already there in the system . If a manager is not logging in for some particular period of time . The form of all the player start dropping  . And the manager will be mailed repeatedly regarding the dropping form and not logging in .Ultimately if the manager still doesn't log in for let's sat 1 season . His team will be deactivated and turned into a BOT.

Now if you want to invite your friend who doesn't have hitwicket account earlier (new hitwicket user), your friend can take the place of the bot.
102 months ago
ok, cool. Then the manual needs to mention this somewhere. :)
102 months ago

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