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Group & knockout

by The Reds (HillsBorougH JF96) 102 months ago
i saw the playoff schedule ...i am so jealous ..they are getting the opportunity to win something even though some team will lose ..all 16 teams are ambitious and hungry to win we are... why not us?Div IV?

League tournament is is a process,a process..But will u Give us this type of tournament..where their will be more excitement,entertainment follow up by group & knockout HIT-WICKET CHAMPIONS LEAGUE..

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102 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 2
All in good time. Developers have promised us goodies and they have kept their word. We got friendlies, didn't we? More is on the way. By the way, the playoffs is a one off thing.
102 months ago
102 months ago

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