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SuPeR oVeR ???

by Surya Kalaga 102 months ago
What about superover in a match if der iz a tie between two teams? 
In t20 matches v often see a Super over whenevr derz a tie betwn two teamz...! bt here derz no Super over, only pointz r distributed equally among dem...
bt due to this, i lost the league vd 2nd position... plz see this link my team Sachin11Dhoni lost the same no. of matches as RavanXI bt my team dint won same no. of matches as the champion team in my league due to that tie and equal distribution of points betwn my team and Dhoni Dynamites... 
so betr i prefer to b a super over for deciding the win/loss of that match...

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Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 1

Same thing happened to me last season.....;-)
102 months ago
Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 2
bt now ua champion :)
102 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 3

Yeah...I guess I got lucky this time...;-)
102 months ago
AYRUS (DROGON) Guwahati # 4
same thing happened to my friend too in the last match of the league the other team tied his match and got a point which was enough
102 months ago
yeah that would b great
102 months ago
common army ants manager reply to this post :)
102 months ago

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