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Changes in Under 20 Cup seeding system for Knockout Stages

by Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) 83 months ago Editor's Pick

A part of the Hitwicket Universe that was keenly following the Under 20 Cup Season 8 had pointed out fallacies in the seeding methodology used to make draws for the Knockout Stages. As promised then, we have come up with a new and improved seeding system for the Under 20 Cup Knockout Stages. The new system has certain elements which are used in Knockout Stage draws of major sporting tournaments across the globe.


What’s new?

In the new system, we consider the performance of the group stages for seeding the qualified teams. In Season 9 of the Under 20 Cup, we have 256 groups with 2 teams qualifying from each group to the knockout stages. The group toppers will be seeded from 1 to 256 on the basis of Points scored in the group stages with ties being resolved using their Net Run Rate in the group stages. Similarly, the runners up of each group will be seeded from 257 to 512 on the basis of Points scored in the group stages with ties being resolved using their Net Run Rate in the group stages.


First Knockout Round

In the First Knockout Round, the team seeded 1 will play the team seeded 512 in Match number 1, the team seeded 2nd will play the team seeded 511 in Match number 2 and similarly, teams will be paired up for matches against each other based on the seeding with the team seeded 256 playing the team seeded 257 in Match number 256. Thus, the best performing group topper will face the worst performing runner-up and the worst performing group topper will face the best performing runner-up.


Subsequent Rounds

In the Second Knockout Round, the Winner of Match number 1 will play the Winner of Match number 256, the Winner of Match number 2 will play the Winner of Match number 255 and so on. The same system will be followed in order to set up the draws for the subsequent Knockout Rounds. Thus, in this system, in any round, if a lower seeded team defeats a higher seeded team, the winning team inherits the relatively higher seeding of the losing team.


How is this system better?

We feel that the system is fair because considering the group stage performance for the seeding would ensure that two group toppers do not face each other in the First Knockout round (a fallacy of the previous seeding system which was pointed out and complained about by the Hitwicket universe). The system also tries to balance out formation of groups with uneven difficulty level. If a team, which is strong enough to top most groups, is placed in a highly competitive group and ends up being a runner up of the group, he has to face to a group topper in the First Knockout Round. However, he has a chance to redeem himself by defeating his opponent in that round and inheriting his seeding, in turn making his route to the later rounds of the tournament much easier. This would help us in ensuring that only the best Under 20 teams reach the later stages of the tournament resulting in high quality competitive matches as the rounds get higher and the teams get tougher.

We hope that you all would liked the changes we have brought to the tournament, especially those of you who have been preparing for Under 20 Season since past few seasons. Do give us your feedback on the changes.

Keep playing Under 20 Cup.

Keep Hitwicketing!


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Updated at: 12-12-2014

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Harshanth (LEGIONS) Chennai # 21
yeah pitch should be in favour of who joins later...... if not so then newly joined teams will lose all the advantage in u20..... every experienced teams have good balance compared to newly joined ones .... so no balance between them . hope devs dont change that rule.....
83 months ago
Sir Joydeep Nandi (Devils United)
Yeah like the UCL but this is much better so the deserving teams get their rewards
83 months ago
Varun N Pune # 23
Kartik (Phantoms) There was a reason why this was not used for seeding earlier.

Anyways, people like it this way better :)
83 months ago
BULLDOZERS (DILLI FUKREY) Gor Knockouts pitch will not be sporting... Only Semies & Finals will be on sporting...
83 months ago
82 months ago
Sandeep_Varma Jalandhar # 28
When will first round of knockouts begin?
82 months ago
When will be starts knockout match's prediction.
82 months ago

Seems like you have changed the criteria for Knockouts Venue ?
I have been asked to play in my opponent's home ground who joined the game prior to my joining :/
82 months ago
Finally, after all the nagging almost 4 tournaments before, sense has prevailed...!!

Thanks HW team...!
82 months ago
Devs, expecting a reply from you guys ! 

A team who is strong on both paper and performance will have to keep playing away games why is it so ? It doesn't make any sense to change venue man come on ! 
82 months ago
joydeep if you are trying to put so much transparency, why not let teams know their rankings... especially since seeding are gonna play such an important role in our route to finals...
82 months ago
suppose if I know I am in first 16 or whatever I know what kind of opponents I shall face and my chances at the title as well...
82 months ago
Plz analyse this match and post it in Hitwicket Times :( :( 

KALINGA GLADIATORS - 340/0 in 20.0 ov (RR 17.00)

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sS.R.Batting Ability
H. Ali *not out10443125241.86
A. Kamat *not out222772016288.31
82 months ago
82 months ago
parupalli Vellore # 37
BRO then y cant u mention team positions after completion of group stage matches
82 months ago
As suggested in U20 game manual, 14th Jan 2 PM is registration open time. But still nothing notification has raised...!
82 months ago
@Avula_GK you will soon see a option under hitwicket world tab named as "U-20 X Registrations"
82 months ago Hitwicket Awards. Do vote for me in the category "BEST TEAM NAME"
81 months ago
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