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by AYRUS (DROGON) 98 months ago
Can a player ever become bankrupt????????????

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Yes u can go upto - 3 million :)
98 months ago
AYRUS (DROGON) Guwahati # 2
tats my question can any player have or should i say let his balance reach - 3M
98 months ago
AYRUS (DROGON) Guwahati # 3
this - 3M is good but just like that I'm askin
98 months ago
I think that's impossible for a person to bankrupt...... :P
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
and now the secret is out ;)
98 months ago
It is possible for a team to go bankrupt if suppose a team is having 1 lakh in its bank before Friday and on Friday his team have to pay 7.5 lakh for player's salary and sponsor's income is 3 lakh then his team will go bankrupt.
98 months ago
It is impossible for a new team to go bankrupt...
It is dangerous for Div 1 & 2..i think

98 months ago
@Akshat Sharma:----it would be 3.5 lakhs which cannot be called as a bankrupt dude
98 months ago
ya, my bad
98 months ago

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