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Report Cheaters

by Asharbh (CyCloPs) 98 months ago
I reported a guy few days back but I have no idea what happened. Did someone even look into it?? I was almost sure he used 2 teams. Plz make the report's status at least visible to the guy who reported. And I recently saw some other suspicious activity in the player auction. I would be happy to report but first at least confirm the status of the previous report. I want to to see if it's worth the effort!!!

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
sorry we cannot discuss or disclose cheating reports.
I think it's obvious that cheaters hurt us the most. So trust me when I say, we act :)
98 months ago
I din say disclose it... At least let the reporter know if the report was right or wrong or if it can't be proved. It wud encourage us to report actively :)
98 months ago

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