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how can we chose our trainging post off seasons week

by Nabeen Khandeep (Proterozic ) 97 months ago
if we don't have matches in the off season how can we chose which player to chose for training ang how they would be selected like if i wanna  train a player for  batting he should play in 1 3 or 5 th position but if they dont play at all how can they be choosen.....

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Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 1
You cant......!!!!there will be no training during the season break..this weeks training is the last.....till the new season starts...the players also need a break....:-)
97 months ago
^^fielding n fitness?
97 months ago
but there is no break in payment i suppose

97 months ago
or their age
97 months ago
age is ok but paying them for not playing is not .....  but afterall admin will know better
97 months ago
actually my players have told me they are willing to train these holidays,hard working bunch of trained professionals i ve got :P

so put fielding n fitness training atleast
97 months ago

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