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107 months ago

will 2nd place team get promoted after the league?

by Surya Kalaga 107 months ago
 is this true that 2nd placed team will have a chance to promote via the playoffs...??? my team under division V.41 iz in second place after the completion of league... will my team get a chance to b promoted?
i waz studied diz in the league talk III.8 posted by Kashyap Army Ants manager,...?


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no . .. only first  will be promoted. . .
107 months ago
us9898 (Us9898) Bangalore # 2
that is only for div 3. not for anyother div...
and only toppers  get promoted to the next league
107 months ago
nope., even m in 2nd place
but, that is only in division to reduce bot teams :) :)
107 months ago
can the promoted teams select the leagues??
107 months ago
107 months ago
yes u can select un wich league u want to go :)
107 months ago
could anyone tell the procedure to select the league in the promoted division...
107 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 8
we'l announce how to go about switching league in 2 days and also about playoffs for Div III.
107 months ago
i think moderators seriously think abt the rules of hitwicket as i already posted earlier there are lots of teams in div 3 who are nt so good to stay in that league but still they will becoz of this government rule :P nd in div 4 there are lots of bots teams which is i can't understand why i am playing there becoz not much of competition :( plz i request moderators to have some fair rule so that the all league will have some competition and enjoy their game and hitwicket!! 
107 months ago
Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 10
As far as I know.. Most teams start with 3rd div and since they get acquired much later in the game you most likely pick a team which is underperforming.. So u get relegated to 4th division.

Every team gets a mixed bag of players. One with astounding skills the second with decent skills and rest all rotten tomatoes. So when it comes to making sure you win, you need to gamble right for the day and pray that it works for you. To be a better manager means that you have read the game manual well. Nothing else....
107 months ago
SO their will be no playoff for div IV ?
107 months ago
107 months ago
ImCursed # 13
Will 3rd placed team in div III will get a chance for playoffs? I joined late but my team can beat 2nd topper of my league any day. Even that team is as good as BOT coz that guy never logins.
107 months ago

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