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My U20 Chronicles

by Agent Smith (Neo The Nemesis) 86 months ago Editor's Pick
Ok Brace Yourself !! It Is Going To Be An Extremely Long Post So expect Typos and grammatical errors :P

I Am An Optimistic Man But Realistic Too :P Most Probably Vamshi WIll Win u20 Tomorrow So He is The One Who Should Make A Post Tomorrow , that's why i am making one now :D This Post WIll Include Everything My Trainees , My U20 Bowlers My AFT's everything which i think can help People For Upcoming U20's and Batting Trainers :)

Let's Start With My Trainees And Training  :
In Start I Gave Bating seam for my 2 oldies and after getting rid of them I started giving 1 week seam and 1 week spin as some people including me believe it is lil faster ( not by much just a little bit , Thanx Sayak Da !!) Last 4-5 trainings were obviously spin ones because of Vamshi :P

I bought My Trainees : 2 gems ( acc. to that time : adair and chettiar ) 1 seam heavy ( H jain ) 1 spin Heavy ( S. Rathore ) 1 decent trainee ( Owen Gilhooly ) and one Good Wk ( A Sharma ) for total of 65 Mills. at that time it was a huge amount but looking at present scenarios it is peanuts :P

Ok Here Are Trainees And Their Details :
I prefer Pictures Than Words :P So Here You Go ;)

Starting With
1.Victor Adair : Should Pop to Fanta in 2 seams

Training Details :

Continued :

Now 2nd Trainee :
2. Sankeerth Chettiar : Should Pop to Fanta in 2 seams

Training Details :


My 3rd Trainee Spin Heavy :

3: Siddharth Rathore : Long Wait for His Pops Now.

Training Details :


Now 4th Is Seam Heavy

4: Harinarayan Jain : Almost Fanta in Seam , Should Pop in max 2 Seam

Training Details :


Now 5th One is My Cheapest Trainee ;) bought for 2.3 million Only

5. Owen Gilhooly :  Should pop to prod in seam in max 2 weeks.

Training Details :


Last Is My Wicketkeeper Apurv Sharma :

6: Apurv Sharma :

Training Details :


His Training Was Stopped After Brill Pop as I started Training An Allrounder :)
Now You People Can determine For yourselves About Giving Batting General or Giving Specific.

My Advice For Buying Trainees is Go For Average/ Average or Rel/avg or avg/rel Type 17.20 -17.30etc. than wasting huge amounts on Rel/Rel or Accomp/Rel Types. if u want such gems buy max 2 not all 6, Hopefully With Announced Changes People can train 1 in spin and 1 in seam make 2 of ur player Specific skill heavy and rest in batting.
IF you are Aiming For u20 then Do Not Pay Attention to Unrel fitness As You Will have To give atleast 3 In Mid Season in your Final u20 So IF an unrel Fitness Guy is Going Cheap Don't Hesitate ;)

Also Experience is Must , Currently Only Chettiar is With Exemplary Experience because i have to give experience to two of My bowlers Otherwise all 6 Would Have Been Exemplary. Rotate Captaincy in Each Match Among Your 6 Trainees.

Now Coming At Bowlers :

1st One is R. Saxena : Prod/avg ( 3 Bm After Bm Pop , 0 After BV Pop ) my current 6th Trainee
2nd One is E Vogel : Exemp : Exemp/med ( High Subs in Both BM and BV )
3rd One is B Munnagi : Fanta/Med ( 0 Bm after BM pop , Mid-High Subs In BV )
4th One is Pacer D Wright : Exemp/Average ( Mid Subs In Both BM and BV  )
5th One is G Frith : Accomp/Useless ( 3 BM after Scouting  )

Spent Around 120 Millions on Bowlers Though Saxena Alone Cost me 42 Mills And I think I can Sell 3 Bowlers for 50 Odd Millions So yeah it's a costly affair but the feeling till it lasts is awesome ;) and i think i gained around 6 Mills From Sponsorship in This U20 Alone and Will get 10 Mils for being runnerup ( or maybe 15 god bless us :P ) so i will recover around 70 Millions of original 120 i spent and i wills till be left with an almost fanta/avg bowler who is being trained as an allrounder so i think it is worth it if u mange ur finances well ;)

Along With This I Added 2 Scouts Tharani and Bhagat just for Distributing Form Effect and having an Option of an Extra Batsman

Now Coming For My u20 Journey and matches : A Special Thanx TO Neo For Being There for advising me for every match ;) Another Special Thanx TO Sriram Ramesh for Same Reasons , Another Thanx To Raj Patel For Always Demanding A Win ( He is demanding another tomorrow :3 Prashant shikhar is his brother in this case -_- ) There Are A lot of People Behind This " Ajay Dass  , sayak ganguly , Saptarshi  Avishake, my fellow contenders parth and anmol , even Vamshi  phew list is really long but u guys know urselves ;) Still trying :P ( yash chu ,vj, hrisikesh, tallu chu :P ,satyaki,satyam,avinash , varun , alggapan , siddharth , rahul, devnil , ronak ,sunil even prmo though he was in opponent camp but he still wanted me in finals and many more unanmed guys )
Each and Every member of BTA Terrorist Group :P But The Most Special Thanx is For MAximus Who When I Was Restarting Training Advised me To Go For u20 Along With and even helped me in calculating the eligibility for players ( no scripts at that time :( )  also thank to akshay naik  for his scripts :P

Now For People Who Are Thinking Of Going For U20-10 or Further My Advice For Bowling Trainers is Go For Seam Training ;) Personally My Toughest Match Was Against Glory Hunters , Tomorrow Vamshi Will WIn Due TO his Batsman Not Due To his Bowlers ;) But Glory's Bowlers were such that they could have won him the match  .
REASON is  Against a  Decent seam trainer in starting overs u have to send dummies upfront to face atleast first 3 overs and With Dummies in Start ur AFT can't be more than 140 or in rare cases 150 which hampers ur batting whereas against seam trainers u can send ur batsman upfront with PP due to Penalty Factor. So Go For Seam Training. and buy a spinner for final u20 and train in BV for that season.

For Batting Trainers : check who have the most dangerous lineup in ur final u20 and switch to that training.

For All : Never Ever Go With Score As Much As Possible , Always Use AFT.

Well That's It. Go And Try Your Luck For U20 Glory ;)

P.S. : Do not watch your match from top 8 and in close matches. It is better to look at Scorecard in the end than watching live heartbreak and hoping for impossible , I Didn't Watched QF or SF and Certainly Won't Watch FInal Tomorrow :P  ;)


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Updated at: 09-09-2014

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8 months of hardwork has earned you the U20-7 title!!!! ElectricPiya (Fools Knaves N Heros) congratulations brother
86 months ago
ElectricPiya (Fools Knaves N Heros)

u r a true legend u20-7 jitne ke liye nhi :p itna type karne ke liye :p 

truly speaking it was truly awesum u proved stop at nothing everythng can achieved 
86 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 65
yeh post kab bana..?? O.o mai aaj dekh raha :v
86 months ago
final se 1 din phle :v main to mere batsman ki skills dikha rha tha tujhe tune dekhe hi nahi :( Sir Pig (Oink Oink)
86 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 67
86 months ago
86 months ago
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