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1 year at Hitwicket - Bang Bang! Division 4, I am coming!

by IndianMourinho (The Match Engine) 96 months ago Editor's Pick
If someone had shown me after a couple of weeks of joining the game that this is where my team would stand after one year, I would have gladly taken it with both hands. 

This has been a wonderful journey with the last couple of months being crazy for a number of different reasons: played more matches, carried out more experiments and found some really good people who have made my HW experience even better. 

* I won't restart training: Never subscribed to his theory of train for 5-6 months, sell them and start over again. Hence, I still have my first set of trainees with me, apart from a couple of obvious sells, and they will take the game forward for my team. I wanted to enjoy the process, and, looking at in hindsight, I have taken the right decision considering that I have already got sick of bowling training. Jumping to batting training soon! 

* Area of specialization: Well, I understood that the game had different aspects and chose to master the in-game scenarios. Luckily, by the time I joined in, there was this one awesome feature named AFT that got released, too. I understood that leaving the game in the hands of Match Engine could mess it up sometimes and decided to take it in my hands to cut down the chances of probability ruining my games. 
If I bat first, and if I even have 10% more chances than you have to win, you are screwed, that is for guaranteed. I don't go into a match without an AFT target set! This way, I win, I win. I lose, I blame myself.

* Achievements: I have the best bowling attack among teams that joined closer to my joining date, not because I had great trainees but because a good number of them would have sold and started training again. Training a useless-useless 19-yr-old to Fantastic-Reliable is something that makes me laugh even now. He will end as Magni-Reliable. Wouldn't you take a 12 star bowler in decent-good? There you go. 

And people buy one 17-year-old for 25 million. My entire set of trainees cost me 5 million max.

Being a bowling trainer myself, I don't consider defeating bowling trainers as an achievement, lot of probability in play. Every balanced team or a batting trainer I defeated has what made me happy. Unfortunately, a good number of batting trainers and balanced teams don't play with me. Only bowling trainers come up in line when I ask for a bet match :(

Not being marked for spam once! Not fined once! Not cheated once! How many can say that?

* Future scene: I will never have a great bowling line-up. But I will always have an above average bowling line-up and no weak-links: 5 proper bowlers. You are not targetting me, mate! Also, only batting trainers can trouble my bowling line-up. I can count on the fingers of my one hand how many are capable of doing it among the current set, so it doesn't bother me. 

Where the game needs to improve:

* Chasing is weird as *fudge*. Give us more powers while chasing, some feature like AFT that could control the game and make us re-think our strategy and not look for chances to blame the defeat on match engine.

Look at these matches ->

First match had 2 dummies waiting for me after 12 overs, while second, well, only had dummies apart from one good bowler. 

* More tactical options. Whatever you are concentrating on, please stop that and bring the player characteristics feature first. We are crying out down from here for that feature, hope you can see that! Give us more options to outsmart opposition. 

Honestly speaking, I could have been a bit rude here, but that is because I have supported it all along. So, I guess, I could express my disappointment, if any, as well. 

India Cup: Haven't nominated myself. There is a still a lot of work to do. I don't think I am qualified, yet. I don't enter into anything without perfecting it as much as I could. 4 months from now, and I would have tried everything that is here to be tried. And, then, brace up for what is on cards!  

Nothing much. I am happy with everything else! Thank you, developers! I would have been a little bit bizarre in last month or so, but then you should have seen that coming with my very first forum post :P

No apologies, no feeling sorry, nothing. If I have argued against you or fought against you, I stood for what I thought was right and I still think it is. 

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Sir AJRaptor (Warriors of Destiny)

My Players were Confused.. THey thought it was their own team batting when they were fielding :3
96 months ago
96 months ago
TDvikas Hyderabad # 23
nicely written bro :) cheers agree with most of the things you wrote

but yeah i dint like 1 thing and that is 
'You and TD are on block list forever, how much ever you try." :/ :'(

96 months ago
Sapphire Gurgaon # 24
Sir PriyAnsh (The Special One) 2 hours ago #21   Report Abuse
Sir AJRaptor (Warriors of Destiny)

My Players were Confused.. THey thought it was their own team batting when they were fielding :3
really lol :P
96 months ago
First of all congrats for completing 1 year in Hitwicket 
Nicely written (Y)
Recently played a match with you, it was a good 1 
Match link :
Good luck dude and help me whenever i ask something 

Sir PriyAnsh (The Special One)
First 2 months of Hitwicket, i never knew you are not in division 5 and was always mistaken by this name :P 
Good luck both the special one :3 

96 months ago
alagaaaa congrats :)
if you r free we can play two bet matches in sporting ..wat say ? first random toss, second opp choice of first match wrt batting first...
today or tomorrow ...

batting trainer :p
96 months ago
Venkata Subramanian (The Alchemists): Thanks... And yeah we can play today :)
96 months ago
gauravcool1234 # 28
96 months ago
Madrasi Chennai # 29
1 year! I am just 1 week old!
96 months ago
96 months ago
Madrasi (Madrasapattinam): Ha ha.. Even when I joined, I saw such posts and those people are still very much active. You will be, too! The first couple of months will be tough .. hang on :) 
96 months ago
Madrasi Chennai # 32
Yeah.. very tough... basically nothing to do in the game today!
96 months ago
indian mourinho(The special one)-Bro,, I also think that balance trainning between batting and bowling is better than going for single trainning for 3-4 what is the combination between batting ,bowling and fitness trainning??
kindly reply
96 months ago
Sapphire Gurgaon # 34
Sir IndianMourinho (TheSpecialOne)
nicely done.... :) congos on the about to be completing year in hitwickets.......
 i am also around 10 days older than u :).... 
i don't have as good bowling as ur team... but kinda balanced team...  considering the fact that i have trained all from scratch except one or two.... so if u are interested we can have some matches.... tag me in my league if interested :)
96 months ago
Sir Sapphire (Victory Walkers): Sure:) One on green and one on crumbling! 
96 months ago
Sapphire Gurgaon # 36
Sir IndianMourinho (TheSpecialOne)
lets make it 3 match series.... one green, one cumbling and one sporting :)..... will challenge u 2mrw... as today i won't be available........
96 months ago
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