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Independence day special~~ Over~ Award given to All !

by SC (Angry Black Panther) 87 months ago Win Musketeer



  General Rules: Please Read Rules Very Carefully before you Register !

1)       Maximum  40 participants Allowed (On first come first Registration basis).

2)      U must Have 1 credit (maximum) to play this !

U have to give screen shot to prove you have Credit (if I ask so)

3)      30 participants(max) from Div 1 to 5 (calculated cumulatively)

 & 10 participants (max)  from Div 6&7 (calculated cumulatively) can register.

4)      Any Accomplished or above level of Manager may participate.

5)      Both Muskeeter & Non Muskeeters are Allowed to play.

6)     Registration will start at 7.30  P.M. today (Wednesday- 13/8/2014) and ends at 7.30 P.M. tomorrow (Thursday – 14/8/2014).

      For your convenience, I will announce START, then U start Registering U r name.  

      Anybody  registering before or after the scheduled time of Start & End respectively will not be considered as a Legal Registration.

7) U should Register Like this :

    Those in Div I to V : Mention – I am IN- My Global Rank___ ! (Please provide your facebook Link also)

Those in Div VI & VII : Mention – I am IN- My Date of joining HW is ___ ! (Please provide your facebook Link also)

If U do not follow this pattern of Registration, I will not count your Registration as Valid !

8)   All times mentioned here are as per IST (Indian Standard Time).

9)      Decision of the Organiser is final & Binding upon All.

10)      Please read the Rules Carefully before Registering yourself.

11)    Please understand it is Just a Game and thus do not over react / spam etc.

12) Competition will be held over 3 days from 15th August 2014 (Friday) till 17th August 2014 (Sunday). So only register if U are able to be online these 3 days as per below given schedule.


Game Rules :

1)       PART A & PART B are MANDATORY !


3)      If you do not participate on Either PART A or PART B, you will NOT BE CONSIDERED as A contestant !

4)      Before Registering yourself Please check if you are free to play as per scheduled mentioned below. !


Part A :  (Play Via Credit- 1 Match Only)

1)       (Only 1 Credit match as per my sequence/ schedule which I will make via Global Rank consideration for Div I – V managers & Date of Joining for Div VI & VII managers).

2)      Schedule I will update by Thursday 14th August 11:55 P.M. (After Registration gets over).

3)      U should play the Match on Friday 15th August and your match should end by 11:30 P.M. that day only.

4)      It has to be Via credit, and Matches will be played on Sporting Track only.

5)      If its played on any other Ground except SPORTING, both of you (one who challenges & one who accepts)  will not be given any amount and I will NOT consider the Match.

6)      If U win your Match U will get virtual amount of 10 M & If the match is tied U will get virtual amount of 5 M , but if U lose U will not get anything.

7)      Please put a word in your Opponent’s League Talk and ask him his suitable time ; Please do not continuously ping me on facebook and reporting that your opponent is not available/ not accepting challenge/ asking for different time etc etc.

8)      I will watch the activities involved by both of you to play the match and take a call accordingly as I will deem fit !

Final List for DIV VI & VII Managers :

Lord Alvi1
Saleem Akhtar Azmi2
Gost Rider3
Bharat Pungalia4
Arpan Kumar5
Uday Phanindra7
Rohit Bcs8
Nikhil Batra9

Please note for your matches tomorrow ( 15th August 2014) Friday, 1 will play against 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8 & 9th vs 10 !

F I N A L    L I S T for Div 5 & above :

Challenge 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4............ 29 vs 30 ( All sporting / Any may challenge to the other)

Registration List for Div V & above :

1Td Vikas15
2Punk Zebra17
6Sasi Divvela145
7Priyansh Modi160
8V.D. Saikumar213
11Master Jyotish 434
13Major M S Dhoni594
14Road Block_ 07830
15Varun Nandode868
16Mohit Naharia985
18Raghav Daga1033
19Abhi Manyu Choudhury1126
20Lord Shay B1131
21Rishit Arora1243
22Mani Barla1265
23Deepak Kumar1267
24Satyam Chodankar1279
25Anmol Gupta1300
28Yusuf Rathore2162
29Lahari Kiran2188
30Abhishek Ambig2492

Read also Rules for further informations ! 


Part B : (Throw your BET)

1)       This will be a Bet Round.

2)      Each of you will be given 10 M to Bet.

3)      On 16th August 2014 (Saturday) at 7 :00 PM, I will play a match against any BOT Team(will inform you later which team it may be).

4)      By 16th August 2014 (Saturday) 12 noon , I will post here 3 Questions (Multiple choice type based on the Match).

5)      Each Question will have 4-5 choices/option, & beside each option there will be a ‘multiplying factor’ given in bracket.

6)      With the 10 M you have been given in this PART B, u have to use that to bet on ALL these 3 Questions , by distributing that 10 M. (U should Bet in multiples of 1 only, do not use any decimal figure while U bet).

7)      U have to Bet a Minimum of 2 M for each question & the maximum Limit is 6 M for each Question.

8)      Once you reply you cannot change your answer. Reply in this forum only.

9)      After the match is over, your answers will be checked.

10)  If you are right then whatever amount you have put in bet will be multiplied with that ‘multiplying factor in bracket’ and awarded that amount to your account.

11)    If you are wrong, then whatever amount you have put in bet will be multiplied with that ‘multiplying factor in bracket’ and deducted from your account.

Part B : Throw your Bets !

My Match I have decided to play with Hit Wicket premier League (I.1), but as match has to be 'Instant' , hence I will challenge HW premier at 7 P.M. & match will start at      7 :15 P.M. (some 15-20 minutes here and there in time may happen :P)--------------------------------- Match will be on Green Track !

Deadline to reply is : 7 P.M. IST tomorrow(Reply in this forum please).

Distribute your 10 M Aaccordingly (but remember Min 2 M & Max 6 M for each question U may bet. .. U cannot leave out any question without betting).

Q1) How many runs in total will be scored in the entire match ?

A)------------- 0- 120  (1.4)
B)-------------121- 170  (1.2)
C) ----------171- 220    (1.1)
D)------------ 221 - 270 (1.3)
E)------------- Above 270 (1.5)

Q2) How many wickets will Fall in total in the entire match ?

A) 0- 11      ( 1.5)

B) 12-13    (1.2)

C) 14-15   (1.1)

D) 16-17   (1.3)

E) Above 17   (1.4)

Q3) How many Over Boundaries (Only 6 -sixes) will be scored in the entire match ?

A) 0 - 1    (1.5)

B) 2 - 3   (1.3)

C) 4 - 5   (1.1)

D) 6 - 7   (1.2)

E) Above 7 (1.4)


PART C : (Rapid Fire Round)

1)       This will be held on August 17th 2014 (Sunday) evening.

2)      I will select any 1 Div 6 League match to be played that day (will inform that to you in due course).

3)      When the Match is ON, I will ask you 5 questions , one by one when the Match is continuing.

4)      The FIRST contestant to say the Correct answer / nearest correct answer (as I decide as per question) will get additional 5  M for each question.

5)      You cannot answer more than once for any question.

6)      But once a contestant says Right answer of a particular question, he/she cannot participate in further questions of this Round.

7) Incase for this round you are unable to be present, U may nominate someone to play for U,  provided he/she should not be another contestant of this tourney !

On the request of Deep Parikh I will take his Match as the Round 3 match tonight !


Prizes :

1)       Winner gets 3 months Musky.

2)      2 nd Position gets 20 Credits.

3)      3 rd Position gets 5 credits.

4)      All points gained /lost in PART A, PART B & PART C will be added to get the above.

5)      If there is a TIE between 2 or more contestants for any Particular spot at the end of the tourney, I will give preference first to the Non-Muskeeter, if still TIE is not broken I will give preference to the one who has JOINED HW earlier (as per their date of joining on the Team page).

6)      Prizes will be awarded by August 20, 2014 (Wednesday).

7)      Please do not request me to change the Prize category or ask me to pass onto some other your award !


Any query ask me here please !


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With this I annouce the closure of the competition ;

Thanks to all !

May this post now be removed from sticky !
86 months ago
Vijay Singh Bhilai # 549
please play a game for me
86 months ago
Mr_Anderson Durban # 550
close the post now sc...
86 months ago

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