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[Official] Hitwicket Awards -Season 11

by DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) 60 months ago
                Ladies and gentlemen It's once again DJ and Talstay along with devs presenting
u Hitwicket Awards for Season 11.

This Time it's Bigger and Better ,

*Official voting System
Will Be Shown As Achievement In The Club History Page
*2 Credits






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Updated at: 14-07-2014

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60 months ago
24.Best feature request:

60 months ago
Works On Official Voting System Is Going On It May Took Some Day.Wait For More Updates
60 months ago
2 -3 batsmen over 90k+ si or smthing.
59 months ago
You are my idol 8 packs @SC ;)
59 months ago
DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) Nagercoil # 463
This Sunday !!
59 months ago
yaar  when I have not voted how can i ask my friends to vote?? And above all an award is not of any meaning to me !!

U can give to anyone... 

These awards are won by those who have higher number of frnds in facebook  to vote for them.

But again yes I will carry on my tourneys in my fashion irrespective of award , as I do not think HW can gift me anything great !

Cheers ! :D
59 months ago
hahahaha :D zazbati mat hoiye. award dena aapka kaam hai. jeetna nahin. :D
59 months ago
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