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I'm giving u my bowling details,suggest me then anything u want, ok?
it's kind of massacre actually!!!!!
98 months ago

Guidelines to Newbies (bowling trainers)

by vamsi_u (bezawada badshah's) 99 months ago
i hope this thread can help newbies especially bowling trainers to give a hope to  make their players as legends
i have seen many newbies worry they cant buy gem trainees from market. 
by this thread i have collected information from two legendary trainers of the game they r
satya manager of SHREE
td vikas manager of RED DEVILS 07
1st trainee of satya is sushant chaturvedi 
this player is not a gem at start a pretty ordinary player every team can afford. satya started him to train at 18y when he was avg/use . he trained a couple of seasons in bm then switched to bv he trained him upto magi/rem and he is a seamer he was given fitness regularly.he was trained till 24 y
2nd player trainee of td vikas gurman rathore
this player at start is jst an ordinary player who will be available for low price now. td started him at 17.50 when he was rel/hopeless .he trained him 4 seasons in bm and then switched to bv trained him 1.5 seasons bv. he's now magical/acom . by having a look these two players r not gem they r available for less than 2m .but after rigurous training of their managers they r now legends
some tips from me
this was a player of priyansh who was accom/useless 17y of age he is a gem at start now magni/accom of age 22y+ .priyansh bought him around 8.7 m that too after having well established team .newbies cannot afford to spend millions on trainees
what i want to convey is buy a trainees for cheap something like cricmaniac has done
this was a player 17.17 aged med/hope at start he was bought for 527 k which any team can afford. now he's fan/rel
if u buy similar players u can get trainees for less than 4m . in few seasons they will be superb players
method 1 : start with bm 
this method was followed by some popular managers like tushar jain,td vikas,pramodh
according to this method u can start with 6 trainees and train then atleast 3-4 seasons .once u hit magni or masterful u can switch to bv .example above gurman rathore
>popups r faster
>this method is preferable for u 20 cup
>easy way to train
>players salary at the end will be high

method 2 :start with bv
this method was follwed by satya,maximus
according to this method u can start with 8-10 bowlers train them to rel+ bv & then switch to bm .,by this method u can have pretty balenced bowler
>the big advantage of start with bv is u can sell those extra trainees at the end to bv training end up with good cash
>good bv bowlers r very low on u 20 so u can capitalize in u 20 in both seam & spin pitches
>popups r very slow u need patience to get fruitfull resluts
method 3:replacing existing trainees
this method was followed by priyansh,raj patel,neo
this is tricky one first u have to start with ur normal trainess train them in bm in 3 seasons
after that sell off ur bowlers and replace them with gems.
>at end u will have monsters of the Hw
>this is long process
>u have to be smart while reaplacing and capable of balence between trainees

 thank u satya & td vikas for giving info of ur legends

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Updated at: 06-07-2014

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upto 24 yr only bv no bm??? @sir bhoot
98 months ago
vamsi_u (bezawada badshah's) Vijayawada # 143
Amit Patra start with bm train upto 21.then switch to bv
98 months ago
I'm doing opposite actually ;)

98 months ago
vamsi_u (bezawada badshah's) Vijayawada # 145
Amit Patra then train in bv upto 20y or till u hit rel bv 
98 months ago
I'm giving u my bowling details,suggest me then anything u want, ok?
it's kind of massacre actually!!!!!
98 months ago
24yr- exem(med)
25yr-rel(hopeless) (part time)
98 months ago
vamsi_u (bezawada badshah's) Vijayawada # 148
Amit Patra sell those 23&24y players they wont popup faster and their bm is also low buy 18y accom/uselss bowlers and train them
98 months ago
thanx a lot
98 months ago
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