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guys dont u think that the deadlines on the players in the auction should be in minutes rather tthan in hours n days...wat say??

by Annamneni Karthik 96 months ago
i think this will make the managers feel so comfortable at bidding rather than waiting for so long to completly buy a player..

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You posted this 2 hours ago and none replied till now ! I was half in mood to reply .. The point is people do not login everyday and are most active and alert on few days of the week ! That makes the three days good approximation ..
96 months ago
mesanthu is absolutely correct 
96 months ago
ImCursed # 3
Dude! people out here are quit reluctant to suggestions. They have only one answer to everything that people don't login everyday. Even the a suggestion (supported by most people) of having an option of changing batting and bowling line up during the match to make the game more interesting and real was turned down on the same basis. To me whoever has the interest in this game logins almost every day that too many a times a day! Probably these guys are talking about all those who have registered there and forgot!

But yeah, time limit in minutes surely not gonna work. At least It should be one day!
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 4
As devs we know exactly how users are behaving from our logs, and we still say the game needs to be optimized for those that can login only 3-4 times a week. This approach is for the best, trust us :)
96 months ago
bro! tomorrow i have two exams ...i will quite busy for 10 hours..i want to log in .but i cant ..i will lose some gud players in auction ...but this 3 day player auction will give us time to adjust our self  according to time to a particular  player we want !
96 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 6
i agree with you @yash...
96 months ago
@ImCursed : My answer to your question is "people don't login everyday" in your own words. 

And I would say that is partially true .. I login everyday because of 3.15 bakar ! There is no intense activity everyday ! This game lets your try your own plans on a slow pace, its not a war game .. There is a valid reason of why should it remain the same, longevity ! This is the hub, the place your friends would hang out and plan a few things once you start having a busy life .. 
96 months ago
ImCursed # 8
@yash ... there are only two ways to buy a player through action either u place too high bid and rest, player will be urs or if u can do this then u have to be online at the time when his deadline ends otherwise others will buy it! so it doesn't matter how many days are there if u can't be online. 

@mesanthu .... ok I agree with u but lemme tell u one more thing which u may not know! I was discussing hitwicket with two of my friends n they said they r not interested because it is too slow. I am not saying people should accept whatever I say but definitely game is on slower side which most people don't want. Take the case of my league, there are only 3 guys who login and rest havn't done any activity since the day i joined! So definitely there is something which disinterests few people and we need to find out that
! In the end I am not admin and I am not fighting here, I am just taking it as a debate here so that both sides can be heard and best decision can be taken!
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 9
if a player I want is for sale at a particular time, then I can plan to be online if I have a 3 day notice. If players stay int eh auction for only a few hrs, you will prolly never even see him listed...

My best friend doesn't play Hitwicket because it's too slow :)
I don't play Counter Strike because it's too fast, it's the whole 'horses for the courses thing'

No single game will ever appeal to everyone, ppl's tastes vary too much. Our job is to make sure we provide the best possible game for the ones that don't mind a slower game. We are well aware that our target audience is niche and we are really ok with that. We are exploring the social engagement aspects that might appeal to the other kind of users, but these will never change the core of the game.
96 months ago
what if a irregular user want to buy a player
so, it has to be the same way 
96 months ago
Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 11
yeah for a regular userz and new 1's which r not habituated to this it might b a prblm if it has been changed... 
and also da slower da HITWICKET da faster v r getting ADDICTED to it...:)
96 months ago

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