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6? :-O
92 months ago

Power Play

by Aditya Kodali 92 months ago
I would like to know why the "Power Play" is only for 5 overs?? In T20's it is usually 6 overs in the start of the innings. I there any perticular reason why it is 5 overs? 

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6? :-O
92 months ago
Aditya Kodali Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh # 2
yup 6!!
92 months ago
That powerplay is mandatory for first 6 overs in T20 , but here it is optional we can take it when ever we want , so this powerplay is more like that of ODI where 5 overs are for batting powerplay and 5 for bowling powerplay.These 2 are optional by respective batting and bowling teams.The idea behind going for optional 5 overs (not mandatory 6 overs)in my opinion , can be that it makes game more interesting.You can target opponents weakest bowlers in powerplays.
92 months ago
Aditya Kodali Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh # 4
how can you be sure that you are targeting the oppositions weakest bowlers??... bowling order could be changed from match to match... and it ain't something you can change in between the game also... power play overs are pre decided and the opposition bowling order is not something you know before hand.  so i feel its better to have the mandatory  6 overs rather than changing the game format... Its a lets have T20 rules. 
92 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
The thing is, here you can take powerplay even in the last 5 overs, which will coincide with the slog overs, so thats a major run spinner.
Realistically, the PP must be fixed at first 6, but predicting the bowling lineup of the opposition is a key aspect of the match orders, thats as close to the 'action' as you can get in hitwicket, so thats why we kept it a variable start.
This rewards users who are smart enough to exploit this, as well as active enough to not get predictable with their own lineups. Users who are not very active seldom change their bowling lineup.

Now 6 overs, with variable start time could become too powerful, already there are too many high scoring games...
92 months ago
@kashyap exactly that's what helped me in winning against our league topper.
92 months ago

Yep, Me too :D
92 months ago

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