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So Finally Musky competition again for a couple!

by SC (Angry Black Panther) 89 months ago Win Musketeer
1. U may register if u r a musky or not . But register in two. a single registration not accepted. ! 
U should register together with your boy friend or girl friend !

2. All reliable+ managers eligible ONLY !

PART A - I will give player link tomorrow of 5 players and ask about any of his skill.....U need to answer that ... Correct answer (+10).. wrong answer (-20).. It is mandatory :)
Reply that to me in facebook or yahoo mail. (Each group one reply)
(5 questions only)
Facebook :
Mail ID :

PART B - Based on the IPL Match 2 moro I will ask u 5 Questions : Each correct answer gives u (+5), each wrong answer gives u (-10) (It is mandatory also)
Reply that in this forum ONLY...


PART B - 5 Questions I will put up by 4 P.M.( All From the 2 nd IPL Match)

Deadline will be 7.15 P.M. tonight

Reply only once in this forum ONLY (Not in my facebook or Mail)....

One team one reply !! If U have replied twice u r last reply will be taken into consideration !

The top 4 pairs of contestants will play on this Sunday !!

Sunday Rules I will post 2 moro ! :)

Maximum 25 pairs allowed !!

List of Final 22 Pairs : (I had to exclude a few as was not sure with whom they are pairing)

Neo has been excluded as he wanted to pair with Priyansh (but both Priyansh & Td Vikas wanted each other) :P

1.       Tushar Vipul (The WildCats) & Riz (CRAZIEYAPS)

2.       Sudip MItra (kkr11) & SUBHAJITspeak (KOLKATA HURRICANEZ)

3.        Sir Nagireddy (Drunkers XI)  & Sir Saurabh Bagde (cool'brute)

4.       Sir McDeath (Cheese Weasels ) & HawkEye (Dharmshala Rockstars) 

5.       Sir Sunil Singh (InsomniacS) &

6.       Who am I ? (Deadly Dynamoes) &  Sir Nil (Elite Strikers)

7.       Ram Prasad Reddygoli (RAMpy SLAMERZ) &

8.       Sayan Bhattacharya (red and gold army) &

9.       Sir Mysterious Boy (Bihar big bombers) &

10.    Hari Haran (THALA CHEVALIER'S) & Sir Bharat Pungalia (Royal Mystique Force)


12.    Sir Yusuf Rathore (JODHPUR XI) &

13.    Sir Rishit Arora (dirtyboys) &

14.    Abdul Muqeeth (STEYN GUN) & Lord Alvi

15.    Sir Umair Mirza (KNIGHTS ARMY) &

16.    CAPTAIN Krishh° (11 ArMy aNtS) & Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11)

17.     Sujan (BANGALORE LIONS) & Guna Shekar (Viru Rising Stars)

18.    .Sir Bittu Tyagi (playboys XI) &

19.    Deep (Scoundrels) & yogeshcooldude (The ReigningAvengers)

20.    Sir T.D.vikas (Red Devils 07) & Sir Priyansh Modi (The Special One)

21.    Sai Lalith (mad thrashers) &

22. Sir Lord suren (stunner guys) & Sir Gaurav Agarwal (Akku Rockers)


PART A Questions :(Modified)- from IPL 1 st match


1) Who will win the Toss ?

2) Who will Win the Match ?

3) Who will Bat first ?

4) The number of boundaries (both 4 & 6 together) should be above 35 ? - Yes or No ?

5)  Which team will give more extras ?

Scoring of marks remain the same... Reply in this forum ONLY...

Deadline 3:20 P.M. Today !!

PART B :- from Today's IPL 2 nd match

Dead line : 7:15 P.M.


1) Who will LOSE the Toss ?

2) Who will LOSE the Match ?

3) Who will BOWL first ?

4) The number of boundaries (both 4 & 6 together) should be above 45 ? - Yes or No ?

5)  Which team will give more extras ?

Scoring of marks remain the same as mentioned in the Pin Post... 

Reply in this forum ONLY...(Not in facebook or mail)


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BP, i have already joined that tourney :)
89 months ago
Bro i judt predented my view not to change. Sir Sc took it seriosly. :P seriously i didn't selected umair team player as some other teams were having more good players and they didn't got that much chancr to showcase there skills. So was my bad luck :(
89 months ago

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