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Aam Hitwicketer [ Aam Aadmi of Hitwicket ]

by vizards (Mumbai Masters) 70 months ago Fun

Well, After the So Called Aam Aadmi of India is in Jail lets have a Look at the Aam Aadmi of Hitwicket.

Aam Aadmin in Hitwicket is Very Much Similar to the Aam aadmi of India. Meaning Totally Screwed up Life -_-

1. IF you are an Aam Hitwicketer then You will Usualy be a Non Musky :D

2. IF You are an Aam Hitwicketer then You won't have Credits usualy and when you have you will transform in to an Bet Please Bitch Man !!! :3 :P

You will also get an Reply from the Rich People of HW as BET Please :3


Well That Rarely Happens :3 :P

3. Aam Aadmi on Auction.

Are Agar Yeh Spinner Hota toh 10M Instant biud kar deta. Are Agar Superb Fitness mai Hota toh 20M Instant de deta. Are Agar Yeh Lefty Hota toh 30M de deta :3

Our #UsualTacticsToAvoidBidding :p

4. Common Phrases Used :P

a. ME Sucks

b. My Scout is One Badass Villian in My Life -_-
c. If My Player Ain't Poping its a BUG. Somebody Hacked HW :O

5. Even after 10 Weeks of Training Our Players Don't Pop Usually -_- :3

6. We Can Do Anything to Gain MRP's. But now Even That is Removed :'(

7. Every Average/Reliable Batsmen/Bowler/Allrounder is Legend for Us :3

8. Anybody Having Red Star Players is a Rapist for Us [ Eg - PM, Eka, Td -_- ]

9. We are Always Jealous Of All Muskies and Think they have an Unfair Advantage Given in the Game :P

10. Thanks All. To Read the 10 Things that Resemble a Common Man of Hw - Aam Aadmi of Hitwicket/ Aam Hitwicketer.

Your's Sincerely,
From an Common Man of HW _/\_  


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Mr_Anderson Durban # 6

8. Anybody Having Red Star Players is a Rapist for Us [ Eg - PM, Eka, Td -_- ]

Epic one....Glad I am also in the list of AAm Aadmi

70 months ago
Thanks :p

Nitish - Even you are Included in that Rapist list -_-
70 months ago
Lord Alvi _/\_ Thanks. But you are a Uncommon man. Not an aam Aadmi Lord :3 :p
70 months ago
Lord Alvi (DhoniSuperKings) - I mean How can a Lord be a Common Man :P

Bharat - -_-
70 months ago
Dude..its no more AAM AADMI PARTY...its now called CHAR AADMI PARTY.
70 months ago
Power of a Common Man :)
70 months ago
hehe Nice one yash ;) Hope u bring more for us :D
70 months ago
prashant_shikhar (ourselves) Ranchi # 47
marvelous read !! thats was bang on target.
70 months ago
Amonia (Amonia) Mumbai # 51
I have below poverty level BPL team.
70 months ago
Sir HBK (The Rest In Peace) - The Life of an Common Hitwicket Player :P

Sir MadhukaR S Holla (MSH ) - All Suits me as well :P 
70 months ago
O.o Suites you ??????
70 months ago
Msg your number to Parth Parikh he is Admin of Whatsapp Grp or to Tleostoy (Heroes Of Hell  he is brain child behind this ..Voice of common people AB Duniya Badalne wali hai :p
70 months ago

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