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Would wicket Keeping affect the batsman's performance?????

by Aditya Balabadruni 107 months ago
I have given wicket keeping to a magnificent batsman though his wicket keeping skills is useless. He is not at all performing. Would it really matter?????

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Sachin Hyderabad # 1
doesn't matter at all. players don't get tired here. they hv no minds (they may hv a brain) to think. it's all based on probability.
107 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 2
Nope..not at all..wicket keeping skills of the player who is wicket keeper in a match matters on the whole fielding performance of the team.. that's it
107 months ago
I dont think these two skills will affect each other. But I read earlier somewhere that the wicket keeper's fielding ability affects the team's fielding ability. So u shud switch to a better keeper if u have one :)
107 months ago
@saurabh7705 : looks like i read ur post somewhere else :)
107 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 5

Team Fielding Ability

  • The 'Fielding' skill of each player will contribute to the overall fielding rating of the team.
  • A Wicket keeper's 'Wicket keeping' skill significantly boosts a team's fielding rating.

 You read it here.. :)
107 months ago
@aditya: nope. Not at all. This game is controlled by god of probability. :-).
107 months ago
No i read it ur post only

Took me some time finding where i saw that post :P
I must have read from the manual too but i din remember that one :)
107 months ago

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