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Importance of Fielding & Wicket Keeping

by Maximus (The Gladiators) 89 months ago

Importance of Fielding & Wicket Keeping

After the changes for the Season 5, I have given a lot of thought about the importance of fielding and wicket keeping in the matches.

“Saving 10 runs instead of Conceding 10 would mean that the batsmen have 20 runs less to chase, or the bowlers have 20 more to defend.”

Having said that, it is not easy to have such a wonderful fielding side, without training them sufficiently!

Some important points to note here:

·         The no. of byes conceded by a Reliable keeper with a wonderful bowling line-up is much higher than with a mediocre bowling line-up.

·         The better the bowling, the higher skilled the keeper must be. Otherwise, more and more good deliveries would be wasted in byes.

·         Getting a keeper higher than Reliable level from the market is a tough job. Don’t trust this?

o   Try checking the Transfer Market and sort by Wicket Keeping skill. You won’t find many keepers higher than Reliable, and whoever it is, would be going for Gold…!

Something that might happen if Fielding is ignored:

·         Training only in Batting, you would end up having an excellent batting line-up, buying some excellent bowlers, but they would not be able to save runs in the field.

·         Excellent Wicket Keepers would just be way too expensive and would require too much of money to buy.

·         Training only in Bowling, you would end up having a brilliant bowling line-up, only to help your keeper score tons of runs in byes.

Something that can be done:

·         Striking a balance between your main training focus and fielding training.

·         Training Wicket Keepers would earn you great lot of bucks to buy other players of much high Skill Index.

·         Having Bowling Main, by the time your bowlers become Brilliant, your wicket keeper must be above exemplary. Sometimes, even that doesn’t help completely.


"Catches and Runs always win matches… Striking a balance between the main training regime and fielding improvement is the right way."

Disclaimer: The above content is my personal understanding of the game. User discretion is however recommended.


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@scotch, ya ur last line is the point..even in another post it is confirmed by Kashyap

That means the better ur bowling line, the better should be your wk keeper.

89 months ago
Maximus good tips, but for the teams which are already set and with good bowling and batting line up  they can immediately shift their focus to keeping and start training.but for the teams which need bowling or batting training will be in problem. that is we are putting another burden on latecomers/new comers those who have to get their batting and bowling in place.
What I am trying to say here is we should have separate training focus drop-down selection where we can select fielding or keeping for training. and another focus selection where we can select batting or bowling.
89 months ago
If it is only batting / bowling, then not much strategy will be there. Even in the real world, u will see batsmen are much capable against spin, whereas in green wkts, against quality pace attack, they suffer. That is why different type of training is there
89 months ago
vvnraman (Los Pollos Hermanos) New York # 22

Confirmed by Kashyap in I.1 league talk : Kashyap (Army Ants) indirectly yes. Byes are applicable only when the ball beats the bats. A good bowler will beat the bat more often, giving a chance for the keeper to fluff it. If the bowler is so bad that the batsman keeps whacking it around, then the keeper has nothing to do."
89 months ago
@Satish: A lot of things do not happen in real life. To start with, you do not own a team in real world. You own a team in Hitwicket World - an imaginary Game-World which follows set of some rules like any other Game or even Real Life ( We are also bound by rules and regulations. Arn't we?) . So try to understand a crucial fact, if you wish to part of a WORLD then you are supposed to play by it's rules. ( You cant live In USA/ Foreign Country by Indian Rules. You have to accept their system. Unless your mission is to defile the system and catch the return flight ASAP....  :P)

Gamemaker's job is to make the game as difficult as possible while keeping it interesting enough to pull the player into log-in screen. It is Gamer's task to Accept the challenge -> Learn the mission -> master the rules -> Prepare a Strategy and Defeat the Gamemaker. 

Would it have been any fun if we were able to Walk/ Fly and Breath in Water? Creator posted a challenge in front of us. There were/are people who hated God for limiting their abilities. But there were/are also people who accepted the challenge and invented technology/instruments/techniques to overcome the shortcomings pinched against them. Its your call what you want to be.

PS: You are learning the rules quickly. Give yourself some time to settle down. Hopefully you will come to peace with current training system. However, keep suggesting if you come across something that is interesting enough to improve the game. But it should not compromise with difficulty level of the game. 

Happy Gaming !!

89 months ago
@vvnraman : Thanks for the effort to verify this .. That statement looked weird to me but there is a logical sense in that .. Anyway I was silently following yours and Kashyaps talk in I.1 while Maximus was secretly blushing .. :-P
89 months ago

Well, the first time I understood this point was from the post “Changes for Season 5” by Kashyap. I had no second thoughts regarding it.

Text from the post regd. this.:

e) 'Byes': again determined by the 'Keeper Ability'. Great bowlers manage to beat the bat, poor keepers manage to turn them into 4 get the point.

Then, my personal experience, byes were leaking off my best bowler. I and my friend have also seen a few matches of his, to finally come to a conclusion on this.

We were really appreciating the complexity in the Game Code, to have such a realistic feature…

89 months ago

Had I been online at the time of the discussion, I would have blushed more than I do now…

Its nice to see so many responses to a post…


I was off for a game of cricket here in Germany… The first Practice match of the season, and to reiterate the effect of an Accomplished Bowler and Hopeless Wicket keeper combination, I did some wicket keeping, and it was HORRIBLE…

I could not hold on to the best bowler we had… The ball was swinging, bouncing and doing all sorts of things…

89 months ago
Paleti Mouli & krishnang1990

Guys, the point here is, I have given a realistic problem and a possible solution.

Even I am new to this “No man has ever seen before” land… I don’t know how it would work, but we have to experiment… We may fail initially…

But remember a small story:

Thomas Edison’s wife was pretty angry that he failed to invent a bulb even after 10,000 times. When she was upset with him, this is what he told:

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

89 months ago

See, I used to have the same feeling that the players are not getting trained if they don’t pop up… So, don’t be concerned about it…

Coming to your question, yes, the training upgrades will improve the speed of training… Not quite sure by how much, but I believe it would be significant enough, because we invested 1.5M into it…

Rapid increase, well, I cant comment on it, because I have just upgraded to the final level today... I have to wait and see how it affects...

89 months ago
Shobhit Aggarwal


Don’t ask such questions about…..about “he who must not be named”….

89 months ago

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