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@Shobhit : When Rajani started playing his experience level was - Brilliant + :)
91 months ago

Importance of Fielding & Wicket Keeping

by Maximus (The Gladiators) 92 months ago

Importance of Fielding & Wicket Keeping

After the changes for the Season 5, I have given a lot of thought about the importance of fielding and wicket keeping in the matches.

“Saving 10 runs instead of Conceding 10 would mean that the batsmen have 20 runs less to chase, or the bowlers have 20 more to defend.”

Having said that, it is not easy to have such a wonderful fielding side, without training them sufficiently!

Some important points to note here:

·         The no. of byes conceded by a Reliable keeper with a wonderful bowling line-up is much higher than with a mediocre bowling line-up.

·         The better the bowling, the higher skilled the keeper must be. Otherwise, more and more good deliveries would be wasted in byes.

·         Getting a keeper higher than Reliable level from the market is a tough job. Don’t trust this?

o   Try checking the Transfer Market and sort by Wicket Keeping skill. You won’t find many keepers higher than Reliable, and whoever it is, would be going for Gold…!

Something that might happen if Fielding is ignored:

·         Training only in Batting, you would end up having an excellent batting line-up, buying some excellent bowlers, but they would not be able to save runs in the field.

·         Excellent Wicket Keepers would just be way too expensive and would require too much of money to buy.

·         Training only in Bowling, you would end up having a brilliant bowling line-up, only to help your keeper score tons of runs in byes.

Something that can be done:

·         Striking a balance between your main training focus and fielding training.

·         Training Wicket Keepers would earn you great lot of bucks to buy other players of much high Skill Index.

·         Having Bowling Main, by the time your bowlers become Brilliant, your wicket keeper must be above exemplary. Sometimes, even that doesn’t help completely.


"Catches and Runs always win matches… Striking a balance between the main training regime and fielding improvement is the right way."

Disclaimer: The above content is my personal understanding of the game. User discretion is however recommended.


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I am not against your point that it is a bit unrealistic… All I am saying is that it is the same with all of us…

The rule is not uneven…

It is a common challenge for everyone… Lets try and figure out a solution for it... 

91 months ago
I understood your point man. I just wanted to see an Akram or a Warne here :)

Also, the rule might be same for everyone but it does not affect everyone equally. The teams which have more youth batsmen are at a slight advantage to teams which have more youth bowlers at least in the beginning. But I agree that in the long run, it does balance out.
91 months ago
91 months ago
Really amazing players buddy. But now another small question. How does Rajni Kumar has "Prodigious" experience in 37 matches? I know his name is Rajni and that would lend some benefit in every department :P 
But anything other than that ?

Just as a comparison Younis Salahuddin has "Brilliant" experience only in 76 matches (more than double of Rajni)
91 months ago
Shobhit Aggarwal


Don’t ask such questions about…..about “he who must not be named”….

91 months ago
Btw I do understand the effect of a poor keeper (in comparison to bowler) in the India-Australia match. A snick from Wade just went through Dhoni's gate for 4 :(
91 months ago
@Shobhit : When Rajani started playing his experience level was - Brilliant + :)
91 months ago
Shobhit Aggarwal

I knew one mistake by him would be pin pointed by his critics…!

It happens mate… Gilly missed a few in his days… Boucher missed a few too…

Kabhi kabhi bade badon ki lag jaati hai... ;)

91 months ago
Buddy, it is not that mistake I am furious about. I know that the way pitch is behaving, it is difficult to keep. What I am furious about has to do with his captaincy. Why the hell is Murali Vijay fielding at silly point when Rahane showed in the first innings that he is a better fielder there?

Vijay has already missed a sharp one there.
91 months ago
Shobhit Aggarwal

There is always a chance that we don’t know as much as the players know…

We have very less information about the situation there… 

91 months ago
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