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Thought of the day ...14 december 2012

by Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) 96 months ago
The world is not ending but a lot of nice people are leaving this world. Soon we will end up with a world full of materialistic and selfish people and then we would wish that this world ends. It's never too late to become a good human.

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mallu # 1
even if iit is too late, we, will still fight!
96 months ago
Div IV
Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) Vadodara # 2
if you decide that you will not fight for things thats are materialistic you will sleep soundly in the night
96 months ago
Birju bhai I like this concept of "Thought of the day" ! Will get you those 5-6 likes a day :p

96 months ago
Div IV
Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) Vadodara # 4
yes Adiya, spreading the joy and getting paid for is the best. 
96 months ago

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