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II Division advantages over III Division

by DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) 107 months ago
What are the advantages of being in a II Division over III Division

1) How much is the sponsorship fee difference ?

2) Do we get more fans per week in II Division, or that also depends on team performance ?

3) Does a II Division team get better recruits on scouting ?

4) Are there more turnovers in stadiums in II Division for same number of fans ?

These are specific questions I could think of.
Any other advantage ?

What are the possible disadvantages and worst case scenario (Relegation) and its effects ?

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Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 1
i dont know about 1st one..
bt if yuh maintain a gud winning recrd... den FAN CLUB SIZE increase and turnoverz dependz on ua fan club size and da opponents...
youth players dat v get on scouting iz totally based on ua LUCK, sumtymz u may get better playerz sumtymz may not
107 months ago
1). II divison would get a sponsor income of 550,000. If I am not wrong, III gets 400000
2). I think fans would be completely based on performances and other activities. The softcap might be a different question though. 
3). Recruits are bad everywhere. II does not have any advantage in that. 
4). Turn over at a stadium depends upon fan club size. AFAIK.

107 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 3
And to add to that you face more competition.....if you were stuck in III for 3 seasons make it four in II....:D..there are a lot of awesome teams around in II and my advice switch if you manage to get into II....malibu and ruck will make your life hell there... :-)
107 months ago
Sachin Hyderabad # 4
one of the disadvantages of being in Div II is that u can't invite your friends to take over a bot team in your league. so there's no way that you can play him unless he gets promoted to your league.

however, u can play each other by challenging but u'll have to make a trade off between experimenting with new untested strategies and the joy of defeating ur friend using your trusted strategies :D.
Also, if your friend does get promoted to your division, it's not necessary that he will join your league.

If you get relegated you go to the division below yours (from I to II, II to III, so on). you now will have to top the new league to get back to your previous division. relegation is advantageous in a way because it sends u to a division where ur team is relatively stronger than it was in your previous division. thus u win more matches now and ur fans increase resulting in higher fan turnout at your stadium which earns more revenue.
and with more money u buy better players and hopefully win more matches.
107 months ago
Self doubt looking at the average SI of teams in Division II !
An obvious choice is to lose my matches and stay in Division III but where is the fun in that.
Will give it an honest shot to survive :)
107 months ago
Or people do you have counter-arguments ? :)
107 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 7
fighting a relegation battle against awesome teams, whr every win would be a reason to celebrate instead of staying in a league whr you take notice only when u lose...c'mon easy choice ;)
107 months ago

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