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Busy Monday- 12/5/2014, 1 Day Musky Competition.

by SC (Angry Black Panther) 91 months ago Win Musketeer

General Rules:

1)       Maximum  30 participants Allowed (On first come first Registration basis).

No extras. Once I get 30 names, registration closes.

2)      Only Brilliant & above level of Manager may participate.

3)      Both Muskeeter & Non Muskeeters are Allowed to play.

4)     Registration will start at 2 P.M. today (Monday- 12/5/2014) and ends at 3 P.M. today . For your convenience, I will announce START, then U start Registering U r name.  

      Anybody  registering before or after the scheduled time will not be considered as a Legal Registration.

6)   All times mentioned here are as per IST (Indian Standard Time).

7)      Decision of the Organiser is final & Binding upon All.

8)      Please read the Rules Carefully before Registering yourself.

9)    Please understand it is Just a Game and thus do not over react / spam etc.

11)  The topmost  scorer will get 3 Months Musky.

12) My Mail ID:

13) My Facebook ID :


 Game Rules :

Part A : (League Match Point)

1.       It is MANDATORY.

2.       Amongst those who have Registered from Division 6 or 7 had their League Matches yesterday (11/05/2014).

3.   Amongst those who have Registered  from Division 5 and above will have their League Matches today ( 12/05/2014).

4. If U win/ if u had won U will get (+10) , if U lose or its Tie, U will get (0). No negatives.

5. Marks will be allocated after the End of all the League Matches.

6. U need not to do anything for this PART A, I will check that out myself !


PART B : (IPL Prediction Points)

1.      It is MANDATORY !!

2.      U need to tell me the Winner of today’s IPL Match between SRH vs MI.

3.      Correct answer will give U (+10). Wrong answer will give u (-5).

4.      If the Match ends without any result due to any reason whatsoever, no one will get any points.

5.      U need to reply to this PART B in the HW FORUM itself.

6.      This answer U will reply it once I confirm U r registration by 3:30 P.M. today. & deadline to reply to it is 6 P.M. today.


           PART C: ( Auction Players of HW)

1.      It is Mandatory !!

2.      Each Registered member will be Given 10 M (Virtual Money).

3.      Now the Registered members from League IV.38 (Yes my League, easier for me to track J ) will select 4 players ONLY & assign how much amount U can pay for that Player ( u decide how U distribute that 10 M amongst these 4 Players). U Can use upto a maximum of 2 decimal places while bidding.

4.      But One Player will be with One Manager ONLY !! So in case 2 or more managers have bidded on a single Player, the Highest Bidder will get that Player. Other Bidders bidded amount will be returned back to them.

5.      This list of 4 players along with their Bidded value U need to send me on facebook chat or on my mail (both ID given above). Please also mention in which League team he is (i.e. Team name to which that Player belongs).

6.      Time for sending this will be between 4 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. TODAY ! But U should start studying the League from 3 get the better Players.

7.      At 5 P.M. I will announce the teams along with their 4 Players, they got. U ALL NEED TO BE PRESENT THAT TIME AS RE- AUCTION can occur.

8.      If any team then is found to have less than 4 Players, they can again select the required deficiency number of Players from the Unselected with their balance amount and again send it to me.(This time schedule I will inform based on where we stand that time). But all these formalities should get over by 7: 30 P.M. Today maximum.

9.      So Please only those Register who can be online continuously. Or else its of no use.

10.   For each run scored by your Player U will get (+1 point) and for each Wicket taken by your player U will get (+10 point). No negatives.

11.  If your selected player does not Play today its your Bad Luck !! :P

12.  Do not ask anyone of the League members anything about this ; U will be dis qualified !!

13.  No one from League IV.38 can play this game.


  •        Notes :

  • If there is a TIE after all counting then the Poor Global Rank Manager amongst those TIED will get the Preference.

  • Result will be announced by tomorrow.(13/05/2014)

  • Musky will be awarded by Wednesday ( 14/05/2014)


Final List ::


1.      sai srinivas (techno towers)

2.      Sai Lalith (mad thrashers)

3.      Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11)

4.      Sasi Divvela (TELUGU THUNDERS)

5.      Sunil Singh (InsomniacS)

6.      Manikanta (HISTORY CREATOR)

7.      Guna Shekar (Viru Rising Stars)

8.      Aakash Aj (bE ScArEd)

9.      Nishchal Pandey (Glory Hunters)

10.  Sir Abhik (Royal Bengal Tigers)

11.  Sir James Bond (Storm Warriors)

12.  Mr. Khaled (Gladiator's of World)

13.  HBK (The Rest In Peace)

14.  Ranjit Kumar (danger11)

15.  Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die)

16.  sukesh (CBIT CSE 2k12)

17.  Sir Sayak Ganguly (Warriors of Bengal)

18.  Sir venomancer (DHONI'S DADAGIRI)

19.  Sir MadhukaR S Holla (MSH )

20.  Harshit Parikh (Golden Aces)

21.  Sir Sarath Sudarsanan (Imperious Horntails)


23.  Daniel Bryan (SCREW BALLZZ)

24.  Sir Lord suren (stunner guys)

25.  Lord Alvi (DhoniSuperKings)

26.  Vishal Gulani (Knight Devils)

27.  Gnaneswar Reddy (THUNDERS 11)

28.  Rahul Nuthakki (Wolverin)

29.  Sir X (Old Cannons)

30.  S!R Harsh Saxena (AFS rocks)

An Important announcement wrt PART C :


I find its becoming very tough to control the list in such a short span of time .


Many common names are there also..


So I announce U all will play with the 4 selected players U have chosen even if there is some common names.. Thus this 10 M CONCEPT I drop.. U will get points for all the 4 Players U have chosen !!


Sorry for the Inconvenience, time is too short for auction & re auction.

If based on this announcement U wish to change u r team combo U can do that till 4:30 P.M.





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Thanks sc!!! I needed it badly u gave me. Thanks a ton
91 months ago
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