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challenge match

by kanpuriya 96 months ago

 an hour ago i send a invite fr challenge match with hyderabad sultans III.7.......nd i got my request it says it vl happen on next friday ... bt y???? today is friday ..its suppose to be happen today :(

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Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 1
actually u hav to challenge it before friday... if u challenge on friday then da match vl b on nxt friday...
96 months ago
kanpuriya # 2
i wasnt aware with this :(  sad....
96 months ago
if u want to challenge a team do it before friday
and u can send as many challenges u want. the first team to accept ua challenge will meet ua on ground :)
96 months ago
kanpuriya # 4
than kuuu.....  :(
96 months ago

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