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Midnight competititon - SC- Ends

by SC (Angry Black Panther) 90 months ago Win Musketeer

Rules :


1) Only  20 people allowed based on first come first serve basis.


2) From 1 midnight we will start 1 :1 debate/discussion.. Each slot time of 15 mints.. It will continue..


3) So we will get 10 contestants from there..


4) From these 10 we will again go in for Group discussion and select 5 !!


5) From these 5 we will give +10 to  one who has won tonight and will give +10 to who will win tomorrow


6) If there is a TIE, I will give pref to one who has poor Global ranking.


7) Registration starts now and ends at 12 midnight !!


8) Winner gets 3 months Musky !!


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Updated at: 06-05-2014

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Global Rank now as per Rule was considered !!


And Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die)   having slightly poor Global Ranking than Td Vikas gets 3 months's Musky for the 2 nd time consecutively from ME !! :)

Congrats Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die)   !!


90 months ago
@SC.. Didnt u get any of my newer pics.. :p  People will think i am still that young!!

Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die)

Congrats for winning!!! Enjoy!
90 months ago
90 months ago
HawkEye (Dharmshala Rockstars) 1 minutes ago #484    Report Abuse
@SC.. Didnt u get any of my newer pics.. :p  People will think i am still that young!!
U told me a couple of days back that U r 7 yrs. !! So I thought its current pic :P
90 months ago
Sir SC (Angry Black Panther )

An u said that u are 17... so where is ur pic than.. u were 5th judge~!!
90 months ago
Yes where is the pic of the 5th judge.
90 months ago
Actually 5th Judge was Priyansh Modi, but suddenly on account of his absence, I couldn't manage to collect the pic of the substitute Judge !!  :P
90 months ago
Just take a selfie. :D
90 months ago
Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die)
Brother mujhe lagta hai us car ki wajah se hi mujhe winner nhi declare kiya socha meri car hogi .. 
are bhai logo main bata dena chahta hu k jaise plane k saamne pic le lene se plane apna nhi ho jata usi tarah yeh car meri nhi hai..

Might be is confusion se prize mere hath se chala gya lol
90 months ago
90 months ago
Sir CricmaniaC (Bengal Tsunami) an hour ago #465   Report Abuse
noone selected me :O
guess im less popular than u Sir Yusuf Rathore (JODHPUR XI)
Bhai tu to star manager hai game ka.. agar teri team achi perform nhi kare to bhi teri ratting and management par koi ungli nhi utha sakta kyunki fir sabhi manager Golmal k ajay devgan ban jayenge aur ungli tord denge ... 
Hum to abhi abhi aaye hai game me..samjhenge .. khelenge than jeetenge 
90 months ago

Sir EdmondDantes (All Men Must Die) Congrats :) Enjoy :D


SC : Puch To leta re pic lene se pehle :p And 1st Pic Wasn't Mine But Of My Late Cousin Brother ...



Awesome Tourney , Well Conducted By SC Except For The Pics Part :D :p :p

90 months ago
BTW as comment no # 454 
SC said Yash shot and winner become TD

bhai aaj tak suna tha k shot lagne se banda chala jata hai par aaj to opposite ho gya..shot laga TD par aur chala main gya I mean Haar main  gya lol
90 months ago
MHA thanks foryour co operation.. But I was not aware its not u r pic :)
90 months ago
Its Okay Bhai :-)
90 months ago
if there is space add me

90 months ago
Ajay compition is over and winner decided too
90 months ago
sorry man i m new in game just started today
90 months ago

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