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Why the Abuse

by Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) 96 months ago
Why the abuse, why the name calling, we all are sportsmen and that is why we are on this site to satisfy our hunger to compete. As a sports person every one of us knows that we sledge each other a lot but that is in the heat of the moment and competition, but abusing someone is uncalled for. Please don't get offended over small jokes, don't inflate yours egos, I am here to win and make friends. 

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kartik (killer) Gurgaon # 1
wat hapn bro???
96 months ago
Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 2
may b u make small jokes but it hurts for da small persons who r sensitive...
evry1 may not b in the state of mind in wich yuh have...
so betr to sledge dem vdout hurtng deir feelngz... :)
96 months ago
kartik (killer) Gurgaon # 3
are par hua kya??
96 months ago
nub killer
96 months ago
Div IV
Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) Vadodara # 5
yes, i think small jokes ca n hit some one hars, i thinkn in sports all that chalta hai na
96 months ago
dafaq is this ????#@$@$#@% :-|
96 months ago

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