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Why are the new players selling their awesome players?

by sid6376 107 months ago

I mean I dont mind at all since its more players in the transfer market but they should probably be advised that this player is an asset who shouldnt be sold.

Whats your take kashyap/rishav?


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ImCursed # 1

I guess I have an answer, when we get a new team usually we have two very good players and most other are near to waste. So they are selling on big player and buying 3-4 average one to make the team look little better.
107 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 2
@sid6376  awesome post dude...they must be advised :)
once the experienced users strt their replies.....i hope this post will be tagged in tips :)
107 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 3
@imcursed but some players are jst 25 or 26,even they are out in the market!!
107 months ago
exactly, they aren't aware of game so, may be they mis calculate the game and do so
107 months ago
ImCursed # 5
@sunny that can be foolishness if we join in league IV or highrt but for league V it can be wise decision to sell a big gun buy 3-4 average one coz opponents are not that tough
107 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 6
@imcursed i agree & as sid6376 said they must be advised.some newbies in their early days.....might look at some big bids being placed & might feel that they mst sell a big plyr immediately!!
107 months ago

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