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Future of Hitwicket ;)

by DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) 100 months ago Fun

This time i come up with more fun ;)  future of hitwicket , presenting u some events in season-25

Now it's season 10 in hitwicket what will happen in season 25 :D (my imagination :p )

1.U20 Cup 20 :)

U20 Cup XX

Two days later in hitwicket Times ,

  Men From Earth managed by Sid are the new U20 CHAMPIONS!
It was a nail-biting final as spin powerhouse Army Ants took on the venomous seam bowlers of MFE. Ants won the crucial toss and elected to bowl. The Ants knew, the battle would be to get to just 100 or 120 and rely on their bowlers to bowl out the opposition. However losing B. Sheokhand for a golden duck and playing their best batsman, T. Bailey too low down in the order derailed the effort. They managed to pile up just 82 runs.

The second innings began with the now famous pace barrage by the MFE, reducing the batting team to just 5 for 13 within 5 overs! However, A. Sarma and K.Goyal stood firm and built a platform for Aamir Ahmed to guide the team to victory by 3 wickets. It has to be said, the weak-link in the bowling, C. Agarwal cost them the match, as his one over went for 14 runs, massive in a low scoring match like this. 

Congratulations to Sid and very well played by Kashyap, both managers did exceedingly well to plan their U20 teams months ahead.

After 1 week .

2.INDIA CUP 10 :-

End of group stage :)

# Team Played Points W L T Net R.R. 1 12 20 10 2 0 2.087 2 12 20 10 2 0 1.967 3 12 14 7 5 0 -0.063 4 12 12 6 6 0 0.066 5 12 10 5 7 0 -0.367 6 12 8 4 8 0 -0.534 7 12 0 0 12 0 -3.127

a Week later ,

The India Cup


In Hitwicket Times ,

  • The high voltage finals featured Odisha winning the toss against Chhattisgarh and electing to bowl. Odisha made an excellent start by taking a wicket on the very first ball of the match. Chhattisgarh did well in posting a competitive score of 127 runs against a solid Odisha's bowling line up. Coming to chase down the target for victory, Chhattisgarh too made early inroads, but with just 4 needed off the last over, Odisha held their nerves and clinched the golden trophy with 3 balls to spare. Chhattisgarh had their heads down as the skies were lit up and Odisha players danced the Gangnam!

    Tripura meanwhile unleashed their fury on Nagaland, who looked to have run out of steam after a month of brilliant performances. A dominating 125 run victory gives Tripura the Third place finish.

    - Sir Bjorn

2 Weeks later ,

3.Hitwicket World Cup :-



5,Manager Reputation :-

Ram Krish, Kashyap, Satyasarthak, prashant shikhar, MJK, Sayak Ganguly, Lord Ronak Hellrokr, Aayush Ahuja, ElectricPiya, Romil Shukla, Bada Rohit, Ishan, Lord Alvi, HawkEye, Sulay Shah, Pulkit Goyal, Roђιт RK, Dr. Chadd[A], Sunil Sahoo, Rahul Jain1397, MasterOfDarkness, Tanmay Gamit and 13 other manager(s) are at this level.
  • International Scout

    You can send your scout to any one of 9 ICC T20 playing Countries.

Asharbh, vvnraman, Maximus and 2 other manager(s) are at this level.



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    Quitting HW :D Amazing as ever Dani
    100 months ago
    man i dont understand how do u even think of such things?? simply superb but it would be nice if i was the hw premier at that time
    100 months ago
    Div VII
    m0nster777 (EVIL DEVIL XI) Mumbai # 64
    lol...amazing...thanks for adding my name i guess :P
    100 months ago
    ROFLMAO !!!! :) :) Kashyap leaving hw :D :D 
    100 months ago
    GREAT NEWS! Telanga in INDIA CUP

    #TeamPlayedPointsWLTNet R.R.
    1 122412003.962
    2 12168401.275
    3 12147500.128
    4 1214750-0.43
    5 1285
    6 126390-1.167
    7 1221110-2.465

    100 months ago
    DKPeterson Jaipur # 68
    100 months ago
    LOL awesome yaar
    SUpeb Work
    100 months ago
    ohhooooo... Bhai bhai! Bhai bhai! Bhai bhai!
    100 months ago
     Very good devotion to Hitwicket
    100 months ago
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