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Free Hit

by Himanshu Mittal 96 months ago
firstly no balls should be introduced.....
and free hit should be there

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Since such random variables can affect the outcome of the game, it might be a buzzkill !
Emulating such random parameters can also become controversial.
Same goes for Run-Outs I am not sure if they are a good idea too.
96 months ago
Himanshu Mittal # 2
T- 20  is all about randomity,..
and introducing such variables will only make the matches more interesting!!
96 months ago
No T-20 is not about randomity, playing dice is about randomity. This is a long term strategy game. Then again its my personal opinion.
96 months ago
hmm may be both.,
depends. well as per nobes and wides this was put on forum several times but developers say they had other few areas to improve so, it may take time for these
96 months ago

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