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new season help

by ZebraNone (eLEMONators) 107 months ago
According to hitwicket rules any team between positions 2 and 6 will stay in division 4 even if they are good enough to progress, whereas teams in division 3 are not as good. 

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kartik (killer) Gurgaon # 1
can't u replace all d bot team 4m div3 and bring teams 4m div 2 jus like u r doing 4 div3
107 months ago
yeah that will be also a good idea so that there will be good competition btw the teams moderators please respond to our queries..............
107 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
Unlike the Div II BOTs, the BOTs in Div III can be taken over by human teams via invites, they also can be used to switch between leagues, so we don't want to replace them. The only reason we are doing this to Div II BOTs is because we don't want BOTs for another season in DIV II. 

Having a playoff this season is a one off thing...from next season on there will never be a play off.
107 months ago
okay that is fair enough but what about the team standing 2 to 6 in div 4 they are still going to stand up in div 4 but still i found many of the teams in div 3 which are not up to th mark or otherwise have some good team in div 4 so that the match should be interesting! you can check my league 4.1 3 bots teams there and  other 3 hardly changes their plans a/q to match so ultimately in leag 4.1 only 4 teams are playing!
107 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
It's not really upto to us to decide which teams deserve to promote or not...there will always be cases where a weaker team is in a higher Div. If they are actually very weak then they will demote in a season anyway. 
What we are doing right now is mainly to get rid of the initial BOT teams from the higher DIVs, promoting deserving DIV III teams as a result is a purely a very good side-effect.
107 months ago

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